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Have a Hinge date later this week but no clue where to go? We’ve all been there. There’s nothing worse than the anxiety that builds up as you’re frantically trying to brainstorm the perfect place. But hey, if this sounds like you right now, don’t freak out. Instead, turn those nerves into excitement by checking out our recs and start planning your coolest & most unique date yet.  


1) Get pumped up with an outdoor fitness class

The sun’s shining, the sky’s blue, and Boston is in its prime time for you to get some fresh air. If you like daytime dates, try taking your date to an outdoor workout. It’s a great way to release endorphins and you can make it a competition to see who can do more burpees in 60-second intervals. Plus, you can’t have awkward conversations when you’re so out of breath! 😅 Even better, with our picks of 100+ free outdoor fitness classes around Boston this summer, you won’t have to pay a dime.

2) Kayak (or paddleboard) the Charles River 

There’s nothing more romantic than a little boating trip with your SO. Remember the canoe scene from ‘The Notebook’? Plus, now’s the best time to get out on the water and feel that summer breeze. There’s something for everyone: whether you two are looking for a romantic, relaxing drift along the current or looking for something a little more adventurous! Check out both Charles River canoe and kayak rentals as well as the Community Boating kayak and paddleboard rentals for an amazing time.  

3) Volunteer together

It’s always smart to make sure you and your date share the same values. Are you both looking for ways to give back? Let them know what cause you’re passionate about by finding a place to volunteer around the city. Your community will thank you and you'll win some brownie points with your date. 

4) Soak up the sun at Boston’s beaches

Sometimes, having a SO means you’ve got a built-in travel buddy. If you’ve been dating each other for a while, it’s fun to get to know each other outside the confines of your work, eat, sleep routine. Why not shake things up by taking a mini-vacation? Whether you two are a chill-by-the-shore kind of couple or a race-ya-to-the-waves kind of couple, we’ve got you covered. Peruse our list of 16 beaches around Boston to take your date to for the day, or hey, for the weekend! 

5) Taste test with your partner-in-wine 

Enjoy getting to know someone over a glass of wine? We get it. Us, too. 🍷 Something about those first sips always make the conversations flow a little more naturally. Try something out of the box with a chic wine tasting! In Seaport, head to Mayhem Wine Shop’s free weekly tastings where you can sip samples together and find a favorite. In Dorchester, get a flight of wine at Boston Winery every Friday or Saturday (bet you didn’t know there’s a winery in the city 😉). And if you and your date are natural wine lovers, check out any of the cool natural wine bars across the city. 

6) Or, have a drink outside 

New England’s summer makes it too nice to be indoors, and nothing’s more pitcher-perfect than Boston’s amazing outdoor boozy bars. There are a number of beer gardens you and your date can check out. Or if you want to try somewhere a little more unique (such as an actual sailboat on the water), we’ve got you covered with our picks for 10 unique patios around Boston. And if you’re sunset-lovers hoping to see the view from above, admire the city skyline on one of the 20 rooftops around the city.

7) Share bites at Boston’s new restaurants


Dinner has always been a classic go-to for a date. It’s a great way to get to know someone over a bite to eat. But why not make it an exciting experience by trying something completely new? If you and your date are looking to switch up your nightly routine, here are some recently-opened and oh-so-delicious restaurants totally worth checking out…     


8) Cuddle up for an outdoor movie 

We’ve all seen enough Hollywood rom-coms to know what a romantic date is supposed to be— watching a movie in the park. Whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth, a free screening at a park should be your summer date night ritual. Grab a blanket and a picnic basket and see a classic flick at one of the hundreds of free outdoor movies. Remember that ‘Valentine’s Day’ scene? It’ll be like that, but better. 

9) Watch a live orchestra perform 

What’s more classic than a dinner and a show? We’ll tell you what: a dinner and a live orchestra performance! If you and your date are looking for something a little more sophisticated, look no further. During the Boston Landmarks Orchestra’s summer concert series, you and your date can dress up for a fancy— but free— performance at the Hatch Shell. 

10) Dance the night away    

Once you’ve warmed up with a drink (or two), satisfied your hunger with delicious eats, and you still can’t wait to spend more time together, then congratulations! Looks like you’re off to a good start. Now it’s time to get the party started. At these fun dancing events, it won’t even matter if your partner has two left feet. Twirl under the moonlight and dance like you’re at a royal ball. 


11) Sing your heart out at karaoke

If you like your date enough to serenade them, we’ve got just the place for you. Karaoke bars are the perfect spot to share and compare tunes and sing your heart out. At these 14 karaoke spots around Boston, you can queue “Be My Baby” and belt out the lyrics: “Say you'll be my darlin', be my, be my baby!” Then, try a duet with your fave romantic ballad and harmonize all night long.

12) Enjoy Boston’s classic views

We promise that our unique ideas won’t disappoint. But once you and your date try something new, it’s nice to revisit an old classic: admiring the beauty of Boston. Sightseeing is simple, free, and easy to do, and there’s no better time than the summer. Give yourself a sec to be in the present moment with the person you enjoy spending time with (and don’t forget to pack a picnic). Here are some stunning Boston views that you just can’t miss: 


We’ll let you in on a little secret: life’s better when shared. It’s not as much what you do as who you do it with. Whether you’re celebrating a twenty-year anniversary with your soulmate or meeting someone for the very first time, you’ll be making a memory to last a lifetime. No matter what you choose, just have fun. And good luck, here’s to hoping this date is one of many!


Photo by @amyhoro via Instagram

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