The Boston Calendar is a place for Bostonians (and non-locals) to find interesting, fun, under-publicized, mostly-free events happening around the city and surrounding areas (e.g. Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline).

The beginnings of the site can be traced back to a post I read on r/boston in the spring of 2013. A user inquired about putting together a calendar where redditors could add events. I thought that made sense, because while there are plenty of Boston event calendars already out there, none are specifically geared towards the cost-conscious reddit user/young professional/student simply looking for something cool to do around the city.

I then posted to r/boston myself to gauge further interest. The idea was met with positive feedback and my friend Saurav and I began work on the site right away. As we constructed it we tried to keep in mind the redditor feedback we received every step of the way (map integration, recurring events, pictures, iCal/Google Cal support, etc). 

A lot of the events currently on the site are ones that I added myself -- things that I think people in my age group might be interested in (e.g beer tastings, free dance lessons, panels at universities, free yoga sessions, board game meet-ups). I am going to continue adding events I deem interesting myself, but in order for this site to have a truly awesome selection of interesting events that are an actual reflection of its userbase we need your help with posting events. 

Thanks for visiting and happy browsing!


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