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Sunday, Jun 02, 2024 11:00p

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Happy summer my Boston friends! Enjoy cultural festivals, live music, market season, and so much more as you say goodbye to May and hello to June this week. Here’s your list of everything fun & FREE to do to make the most of the sunny season.

1) Free Hatch Shell Concert (We) bit.ly/3V2-

2) Somerstreets: Carnaval (Su) bit.ly/4VW-

3) Curated Vintage Market @ Bow (Su) bit.ly/3-pq

4) Harvard Art Museums @ Nite (Th) bit.ly/4bT-

5) Medford Porchfest (Sa) bit.ly/3-2g

6) Rowing Across the Atlantic (Sa) bit.ly/F-KL

7) Brighton Emporium Opening (Sa-Su) bit.ly/3yu-

8) 20s/30s Carson Beach Day (Sa) bit.ly/3f-p

9) Fenway Flea Opening Wknd (Su) bit.ly/3yD-

10) Nubian Markets Block Party (Sa) bit.ly/3VjL

11) Somerville Nepali Fest (Sa) bit.ly/4e0-

12) 20s/30s Ice Cream Crawl (Fr) bit.ly/3d3-

13) Cider Hill Farm Festival (Sa-Su) bit.ly/4dY-

14) Small Mart Pride Market (Sa) bit.ly/DaG-

15) Yappy Hour @ the Anchor (We) bit.ly/3KqL

16) Time Out Pride Market (Su) bit.ly/45-l

17) The Bee Hive Block Party (Sa) bit.ly/3KiN

18) Malden River Meetup (Sa) bit.ly/3R1-

19) Rooftop Pride Party (Sa) bit.ly/MI-k

20) Open Memorial Drive (Su) bit.ly/3yDP

21) Lemonatti Launch Party (Sa) bit.ly/-i7t

22) Caribbean American Fest (Sa) bit.ly/3R2-

23) ArtsThursdays: Filipino Heritage (Th) bit.ly/3yK-

24) Pride Yoga Flow (Su) bit.ly/LK-n

25) Rosé Wine Tasting (Th) bit.ly/BqgO

26) Young Professionals Social (Sa) bit.ly/4aGL

27) Live Music @ BPM Patio (Sa) bit.ly/3wS-

28) Charge Up Your Ride @ REI (Tu) bit.ly/3Kl-

29) Lovejoy Wharf Pride Party (Sa) bit.ly/0fKA

30) AAPI Celebration (We) bit.ly/3X1S

31) Knit & Crochet Night (Tu) bit.ly/3wR-

32) Faneuil Hall Summer Mkt (Su) bit.ly/4dYL

33) Sober Pride Dance Party (Sa) bit.ly/-aDG

34) HerbsTalk @ the Armory (S-Su) bit.ly/qA-C

35) Barbershop A Cappella Show (Sa) bit.ly/4VC-

36) Author Talk @ BPL (We) bit.ly/3yz-

37) Live Music @ CultureHouse (Su) bit.ly/3UY-

38) Yappier Hour @ the Liberty (We) bit.ly/v-SZ

39) Seaport Summer Market (Sa-Su) bit.ly/4-Yj

40) SoWa Open Market (Su) bit.ly/3Vim

41) Explore Franklin Park Ponds (Sa) bit.ly/3yE-

42) Boston Open Market (Sa) bit.ly/4bTn

43) Seaport Sweat (Tu-Sa) bit.ly/-3KO

44) AAPI History @ MHS (Tu) bit.ly/4bUL

45) Greenway Art Market (Sa) bit.ly/3-ID

46) Hobos & Hot Rods (Tu) bit.ly/5twz

47) Quiet Book Night (We) bit.ly/3V-L

48) Seaport Trivia Tour (Sa) bit.ly/3Xi-

49) 10 Free Boston Dance Parties bit.ly/-wFO

50) Queer Game Night (Sa) bit.ly/3Kk-

51) 25 Outdoor Markets in Boston bit.ly/S1-i

52) 15+ Boston Picnic Spots bit.ly/-3Bj

53) LoveChild Wine Tasting (Fr-Sa) bit.ly/3Kqm

54) Poetry Open Mic (Su) bit.ly/4brF

55) 20 Farmers Markets in Boston bit.ly/-wro

56) Beautiful Boston Buildings bit.ly/it-I

57) DTX Arts Market (Th) bit.ly/3Vs-

58) Wine Tasting @ Urban Grape (Sa) bit.ly/3V0-

59) Test Print Tuesday (Tu) bit.ly/3KlL

60) Famous Boston Movie Locations bit.ly/Th-0

61) Famous Boston Literary Spots bit.ly/jI1-

62) 20+ Live Music Nights in Bos bit.ly/-bbk

63) 5 Places to Work Remotely bit.ly/iy-i

64) BPL Art & Arch Tour (Tu-Su) bit.ly/3NS-

65) Musical Bingo @ BPM (Th) bit.ly/3VkL

66) Spanish Convo Practice (Tu) bit.ly/3KiL

67) 9 Unique Boston Book Clubs bit.ly/l1-I

68) Coffee Tasting (Fr) bit.ly/3jT-

69) Star Gazing @ BU (We) bit.ly/3X1-

70) Porch Jam Sundays (Su) bit.ly/3Kqn

71) Self-guided Graffiti Tour bit.ly/f-4v

72) BPL Library Card Perks (Tu-Su) bit.ly/-l-k

73) Comedy @ GrandTen (Su) bit.ly/-ppE

74) Afrobeats Dance Class (We) bit.ly/3V7-

75) Boston’s Best Street Art bit.ly/Ar-t

76) ICA Free Thursdays (Th) bit.ly/3yN-

77) Harvard Art Museums (Tu-Su) bit.ly/-5Yw

78) Trivia @ BPM (We) bit.ly/3R3-

79) Frog Pond Yoga (Th) bit.ly/3wI-

80) Jazz at a Brewery (Th) bit.ly/4Fx-

81) Friday Night Trivia (Fr) bit.ly/3fl-

82) Nov Project: Harvard Stairs (We) bit.ly/3Kv-

83) 30+ Trivia Nights in Boston bit.ly/-BAZ

84) Trivia @ PKL (We) bit.ly/vR1-

85) Live Music @ PKL (Sa) bit.ly/4-W6

86) Venture Café Gathering (Th) bit.ly/3DZ-

All FREE experiences this week: bit.ly/3tsEkRG

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