Thursday, Oct 05, 2023 7:30p -

1353 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139

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arlemski Alex Lemski

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Martin Gohary – piano

  The cofounder of the “This Music”/TM series

Kat Jara - violin

Aidan O'Connell - acoustic bass

John Dalton - drums

+ special guest(s)

Contact: Alex Lemski, [email protected], 617/800-7244

The Concert: The music’s inspiration comes from we hope familiar and definitely significant Free Jazz history: the Giants pianist Cecil Taylor and saxophonist Ornette Coleman!

While Martin expresses his own individuality that we know you will like, what we actually expect, there’s hardly is an avant (Jazz) musician who isn’t influenced by both Cecil and Ornette, regardless of their instrument.

So tonight, no covers, but expect twists and turns in the music that broadens the musician’s and your perspective for some new history. And to add to the musical freedoms, you can expect a special guest to liven up even further the journey!

This Music (TM) Series is a Boston musician’s initiative to recognize the creativity of many who haven’t been given the stage as leaders, often younger than the Jazz scene veterans; those with acknowledgement who can create a new project and musical ideas; and the unsung “gems” who aren’t in the public’ eye and deserve to be. The emphasis is on the freer forms, the adventurous (to help find a “home”).

Martin Gohary

“My work explores the deep feelings we have that cannot be translated into words.

 Finding beauty and comfort with the unknown.”. Martin G

Martin Gohary Martin Gohary is an avant-garde pianist + composer whose uncompromising vision and relentless recording schedule have established him as a rising performer in the contemporary music scene. His music defies categorization, blending elements of 20th-century concert music, jazz, electronic, and experimental music into a unique and captivating sound. With each new release, Gohary pushes the boundaries of what is possible with the piano, exploring new techniques and textures that challenge both himself and his audience. His music is both challenging and accessible, and his performances are always thrilling and unpredictable. Whether playing solo or collaborating with other musicians, Martin Gohary's music is always fresh, exciting, and deeply satisfying



“The thought of going into the studio with nothing prearranged and pressing record has always been an intriguing and thrilling idea to me. To be completely free and raw for the listener is something of a rather daunting challenge. Many have done it to varying degrees of success”.



Kat Jara – violin

The Violin Kat, is a freelance violinist based in the Worcester-Boston area of Massachusetts. Kat performs top 100 hits, music from Bridgerton, hip hop, EDM, rock, jazz, & classical music for all types of events

Kat Jara Kathleen Jara is an arts educator and free-lance violinist based in ther Worcester-Boston area working to use sound and artistic creation as a social activism. She sees the artistic process as a means of teaching communication that crosses barriers of race, gender, age, income and culture.


TONIGHT: It’s free Jazz, New Music and Improv!


Aidan O'Connell - acoustic bass


NEC, Hartt School of Music

Aidan O’Connell is a Professional Jazz Bassist who has been playing hard the past decade in the cities between Boston and New York and touring internationally. Although initially he was known as a great jazz bassist his style has grown towards a more experimental approach in the past 3 years. He now straddles the lines across many styles of Music and loves it.


“Discovering the great concepts of Free Improvising has widened the pallet of my playing forever. In the past couple years I have been very inspired by the music of Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton, Barry Guy and other Free musicians. Getting to play at The Lilypad with my brand new band of Kelly Bray on Trumpet and Brandon Terzakis on Drums is very exciting!” - Aidan O'Connell

NEC, Hartt School of Music




John Dalton - drums


John Dalton is a Boston based musician, composer, and educator. As a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, he received a diverse musical education, especially in his studies with Chris Poudrier and Jim Robitaille. while there, he developed fluency in a variety of styles as both an improvising musician and composer. 

As a performer, John has been featured in a variety of settings, and both a sideman and leader. He was a featured performer at the New Bedford Jazz Festival, and an ensemble member at the Portuguese Music Awards. He has performed at venues such as Fete Music hall, the Zeiterion Theater, Boston University, Wally’s Cafe Jazz Club, and Cafe 939 at Berklee College of Music. He has performed or shared the bill with artists such as Jim Robitaille, Jing Wang, Dino Govoni, Amanda Monaco, Barry Altschul, Ricky Ford, Jerome Harris, Stefano Battaglia, Kaya Meller, Kamil Piotrowicz, Anastassiya Petrova, and Royal Hartigan. 

John has also received grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, Medford Arts Council, and the Somerville Arts Council.

John also leads the group Spheres of influence, which is a modular ensemble that performs original compositions, standards, as well as arrangements of well known repertoire. The group size is flexible, but it is most often operates as a trio, quartet, or quintet.


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