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Wednesday, Jul 10, 2024 9:00a -
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Zainab Sumu Primitive Modern
57 Central St
Sommerville, MA 02143

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thymewithcharlie Charlie Christie

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Dear future sound alchemists


Venture into the transformative path of studying the sacred modality of Sound Healing, with roots traced back to our esteemed teachers in Nepal and guided by Charlie's extensive 20+ years of experience of teaching and healing with different modalities worldwide, is just the beginning of an awe-inspiring journey.

With the world evolving its consciousness we need more than what lies on the surface. At Thyme With Charlie®, we have yet again enhanced our energy-based courses to unlock the depths of sound healing's profound potential. Delve into the comprehensive understanding of the fundamental techniques, scientific principles and intricate theories surrounding the 10 chakra connections, brain waves, mind theory and hypnotherapy, connecting to source energy and of course the art of sound healing. The Thyme With Charlie® method is the mastery of three elements - SOUND, HEALING and ASCENSION—that creates an unparalleled depth and profound impact in the practice of sound and energy healing.

Get ready to explore the extraordinary fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science, embarking on a path of limitless possibilities.

Open to all levels, beginner to advanced and everything in between. We evolve together.

“You’re learning to work with other people but you’re also learning so much about yourself in the process. The self-development work that comes with the training is priceless” ~ Thyme With Charlie® student | Alicia, Spain

Sound & Energy Healing Certification: the Thyme With Charlie® Method.

SOUND: Amplifying Healing Energy

Delve into the depths of this ancient practice and discover how sound can serve as a powerful transmitter and amplifier of healing energy. Throughout the course, we will guide you in harnessing the transformative potential of sound. It all starts with you and your healing journey, as you learn self-healing techniques to balance your own energy and enhance your well-being. Gain the skills to facilitate one-to-one and group healing sessions, utilising the vibrational power of sound to bring harmony and wellness to others. Additionally, we will explore the fascinating realm of distance healing, enabling you to extend your healing capabilities beyond physical boundaries.

HEALING: Harmonising Body, Mind and Spirit

In our upgraded program, we place a significant focus on the profound process of harmonising the body, mind and spirit. Through specialised techniques and practices, you will deepen your understanding of the transformative benefits of sound therapy, massage and meditation. Explore how sound can guide the body and mind into a meditative state or trance, creating a gateway to profound relaxation, self-discovery and holistic healing. Unlock your potential as a healing practitioner and tap into the sacredness of the practice of sound to promote health, well-being, and personal growth.

ASCENSION: Elevating Consciousness and Expansion

Our courses now offer expanded teachings on the profound concept of ascension. Ascension refers to the process of elevating consciousness and expanding your awareness to higher states of being. Throughout the courses, you will receive guidance on connecting with higher frequencies and dimensions, accessing deeper levels of spiritual insight and wisdom. Explore the realms of energy and consciousness, aligning with your highest self and expanding your spiritual journey. By integrating sound, healing and ascension principles, you will unlock your true potential and embrace a transformative path of personal growth and self-realisation.

Business Skills and Mindset:

We believe in nurturing your growth as both a healing practitioner and an entrepreneur. Alongside the Thyme With Charlie teachings of sound, healing and ascension, our program provides valuable business skills and ongoing mentorship so you can integrate sound healing into your existing healing practice or embark on a new career path. Learn how to market yourself effectively, attract clients, and create a successful healing practice. Our experienced mentors will guide you in developing a business mindset, establishing ethical practices, and building meaningful connections within the holistic healing community. Gain the confidence and knowledge to thrive in your healing journey and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

By enrolling in the Thyme With Charlie® Sound & Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Courses, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, healing and ascension to create your reality the way you want it to be, not how someone else thinks is right.

Develop your sound language and healing abilities, tap into the ancient wisdom of sound and unlock the transformative power within you. Join our community of like-minded individuals and become an internationally certified sound healing practitioner, ready to make a positive impact on yourself and others. The possibilities are endless and the healing potential is within you.

Principles will prepare you to facilitate one-to-one sound therapy and sound massage healing sessions.

Extended Principles will prepare you to facilitate sound healing meditations for group sessions.

NB - Completion of Principles of Sound & Energy Healing certification with Thyme With Charlie® is required to participate in the Extended Principles of Sound & Energy Healing.

You will receive:

No prior qualification or experience is required. This course is for those dreaming of launching your own practice or expanding your existing business.

All courses are internationally certified by the CMA and CPD.



The training is 30 hours in 5 days:

Wednesday 10th July - 09:00-16:00

Thursday 11th July - 09:00-16:00

Friday 12th July - 09:00-16:00

Saturday 13th July - 09:00-16:00

Sunday14th July - 09:00-16:00

Extended Principles

The training is 20 hours in 3 days:

Friday 26th July - 09:00-16:00

Saturday 27th July - 09:00-16:00

Sunday 28th July - 09:00-16:00


Both levels 1 and 2 will take place at Zainab Sumu Primitive Modern Art Gallery in Cambridge. On street parking is available. A map with directions and full address will be shared with you upon registration.


Principles qualifies you to facilitate one-to-one sessions.

Extended Principles qualifies you to facilitate group sessions.

Principles – £1500

Extended Principles – £500

Principles only = £1500

25% deposit = £375

Principles & Extended Principles = £2000

25% deposit = £500

*25% non-refundable deposit to secure your place

*Payment can be spread over 1-6 monthly instalments with the final payment due on course completion. Certifications will not be issued until full payment has been received. Choose your payment plan at checkout.

*£20 of every booking will be donated to a selected charity.


- These courses are in English

- Healthy snacks and refreshments will be provided during the training

- If you have any Tibetan bowls or other sound healing instruments, please bring them with you each day of the course as they will also be a part of the attunement process.

© Copyright 2023 T H Y M E W I T H C H A R L I E®

T H Y M E W I T H C H A R L I E® is a registered Trademark of Charlie Christie. Any illegal reproduction of the course content is prohibited. All rights reserved.

If you feel I may have missed something, please let me know. As always I’m happy to answer all questions and help as and where I can.

I look forward to welcoming you to this transformational journey of expansion, love, and ascension.


Charlie x

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