Tuesday, Dec 19, 2023 7:30p -

1353 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139

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arlemski Alex Lemski

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This Music Series Presents:


Not familiar with the Quartet of Musicians? You owe it to your musical self and curiosity to find out. 

Glynis Lomon,  cello, aquasonic, voice,

Dave Peck (PEK): clarinets, flutes, double-reeds,

Eric Woods,  analog synthesis,

Jared Seabrook,  drums


Lomon, not your ordinary cello player, seasoned with years of playing, deserving the lead and attention

And the rest are not unfamiliar with performing creative improv Jazz, yu just need to catch up…

Best reason to hear music on a weekday especially if your weekend is empty.

Groove just before Christmas/Xmas!

This Music (TM) Series is a Boston musician’s initiative to recognize the creativity of many who haven’t been given the stage as leaders, often younger than the Jazz scene veterans; those with acknowledgment who can create a new project and musical ideas; and the unsung “gems” who aren’t in the public’ eye and deserve to be. The emphasis is on the freer forms, the adventurous (to help find a “home”).


Glynis Lomon:


Cellist Glynis Lomon went to Bennington College to continue her classical cello studies in 1973 where she met and began performing with musician/composer Bill Dixon. The music of Dixon's ensemble combined the exploration of the frontier of sound that she loved with rich rhythms, emotional expression, and the art and science of improvisation. Glynis has been privileged to play with Bill Dixon, Arthur BrooksJimmy Lyons, Cecil Taylor, Butch Morris, Syd Smart, William ParkerGreta Buck, Dennis Warren, Lowell Davidson, and many others. Recently she has been playing with pianist Eric Zinman in collaborations with Mario Rechtern, Sabir Mateen, Blaise Siwula, Laurence Cook and others


Dave Peck (PEK):


The one-of-a-kind multi-instrumentalist, Boston Free Jazz/Improv icon, Evil Clown, Leap of Faith leader, recently in performance in the TM series, otherwise known for his live streaming from his Waltham studio and countless CD releases, who adds tons of creative variability and intrigue to Glynis’ unique cello playing!


Eric Woods

The Boston-based Expanse, inspired by the concepts of space and restraint, configured as a trio in a livestreamed session where Evil Clown stalwart David Peck on clarinets, saxophones, fog horns & percussion is joined by Eric Woods on analog synth & percussion, and Michael Knoblach, who focuses on exotic percussion instruments, for a unique journey in electroacoustic improv

Jared Seabrook

Jared Seabrook teaches percussion for the Encore Music Program. Jared studied with Bob Gullotti for 10 years. He is a professional musician with performances various Jazz Festivals around the world. He is a composer with music featured on MTV and MTV2. He has a Vic Firth endorsement. He has been teaching lessons for over 15 years including music camps,

conservatories, and school systems including music therapy as well. The New York Times has described his playing as "vicious", but he's a pretty nice guy. His brother: Brandon Seabrook writes all the music for Seabrook Powerplant. His brother, Jared Seabrook is on drums and Tom Blancarte plays bass. The influence of fleet-fingered Guitar Gods was part of Seabrook’s make-up from the beginning.

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12/19/2023 19:30:00 12/19/2023 22:00:00 America/New_York An Appetite for Adventure continues…A cool Jazz cello & instrument combination, expect a lot from Glynis <p><strong>This Music Series Presents: </strong></p><p> </p><p>Not familiar with the Quartet of Musicians? You owe it to your musical self and curiosity to find out. </p><p><em>Glynis Lomon,  cello... Lilypad, Cambridge, MA 02139 false MM/DD/YYYY

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