Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023 8:00p -

The Lily Pad
1353 Cambridge St-Inman Sq
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(Leader): Dave Peck (PEK): clarinets, flutes, saxophones, double-reeds.

Next of This Music’s (TM) Series, they are an important creative concept in the freer form, the number and different instrumentations is just one clue to their uniqueness…


Leap of Faith unit of Evil Clown regulars:

Spooky Action at a Distance

Glynis Lomon, cello, aquasonic, voice

Michael Caglianone, multi-saxophones  

John Fugarino, trumpet

Kit Demos, bass

Tom Swafford, violin 

Eric Rosenthal, drums

We are happy to announce that Spooky Action at a Distance will be performed by a Leap of Fatih unit of strong Evil Clown regulars… Many configurations of Leap of Faith have been made up from stings, horns & percussion. The String section is Glynis, Tom Swafford (violin), and Kit Demos (bass); the Horn section is PEK, John Fugarino (trumpet), and Michael Caglianone (saxophones); and the drum chair is Eric Rosenthal. This balanced ensemble with 3 strings, 3 horns, and drums will have a broad range of available sonorities and should perform an engaging and vigorous improvisation! Come and see for yourself…


Who/What is Leap of Faith:


Leap of Faith is the core duet of the Leap of Faith Orchestra (LOFO) comprised of PEK on clarinets, saxophones, double reeds & flutes, and Glynis Lomon on cello, aquasonic & voice. The ensemble is based in Boston and dates back to the early 90s (evilclown.rocks/bandcamp-sites.html). We utilize a huge arsenal of additional Evil Clown instruments to improvise long works featuring transformations across highly varied sonorities. At times, the core unit has been a trio or even a quartet. The ensemble has always been highly modular, and our many recordings (now over 150 - available at leapoffaith1.bandcamp.com) feature the various core units in dozens of configurations with a huge list of guests and occasionally as only the core unit with no guests. Currently, the core unit is the duet of PEK and Lomon and we are regularly presenting LIVESTREAMs to YouTube from Evil Clown Headquarters with other guest performers.  www.youtube.com/@giantEvilClown

PEK (reeds) - PEK has been improvising on woodwinds and other instruments in the Boston Scene since 1989. He runs the Waltham DIY record label, Evil Clown, which has released over 300 albums involving a huge number of Boston Area improvisors. He specializes in broad palette improvisation where large numbers of instruments allow transformations over vastly different sonorities over the course of each work.

This Music (TM) Series is a Boston musician’s initiative to recognize the creativity of many who haven’t been given the stage as leaders, often younger than the Jazz scene veterans; those with acknowledgement who can create a new project and musical ideas; and the unsung “gems” who aren’t in the public’ eye and deserve to be. The emphasis is on the freer forms, the adventurous (to help find a “home”).           

Glynis Lomon (cello, aquasonic, voice) - Improvising cellist, vocalist and aquasonic player Glynis Lomon graduated from Bennington College in 1975 with a degree in Music/Black Music. At Bennington she studied with musician/composer Bill Dixon and continued to perform and record with his ensembles until his death. Glynis has also been privileged to play with Arthur Brooks, Jimmy Lyons, Cecil Taylor, Butch Morris, William Parker, Joe Morris, Greta Buck, Masashi Harada, Lowell Davidson, Raqib Hassan and many others. Since the early 90s she and multi reed player PEK have performed in the Boston area with their group Leap of Faith.


John Fugarino (trumpet) - John Fugarino received his Bachelor of Music from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He then attended the New England Conservatory of Music and earned a Masters in Music Composition. John has performed and taught trumpet in both the classical and jazz idioms. Has performed a wide range of music including Orchestral, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Free Form Improvisation and Microtonal Music. John is a music teacher at the Butler Middle School where he teaches in the Midi-Music Lab and directs the school Jazz Ensemble. Trumpet recordings are on the Lyra Ohm label and Zoning Records. Orchestral music recorded by the Radio and Television Orchestra of Bratislava.

Mike Caglianone (saxophones): Mike is a Berklee Alum (class of ('83) and has been a fixture on the Boston and New York music scenes as a performer, producer, and recording engineer since the 1980s. As owner/operator of 7A West studio, he recorded over 2000 sessions from 1996 – 2016 including sessions with Nmperign, Ben Schwendener, Joe Morris, Masashi Harada, Glynnis Loman, James Coleman and many other performers in the Boston Improvisors community. As a performer he is leader (aka Grand Bastard) of the Zen Bastards, a free jazz collective and is currently a member of the Evil Clown family. He is also currently performing with R&B artist Kemp Harris.

Tom Swafford (violin) - Providence based violinist/composer Tom Swafford grew up in a musical family in Seattle. He studied composition with Olly Wilson at U.C. Berkeley and Louis Andriessen in Amsterdam. His musical language incorporates sounds from early American blues and string bands; Hindustani and Arabic music; Xenakis and other 20th and 21st century composers. He collaborates frequently with drummer Matt Crane. He lived in NYC from 2007-2020 where he worked with Butch Morris, bassist Zachary Swanson, and many others. His large string ensemble, String Power, released its debut album in 2015. www.tomswafford.com


Kit Demos (bass) - "constantly researches the possibilities of electronics and new territories for the acoustic bass. All of that research opens doors to rethinking music in the moment. The results of his research are so musically organic that they give the impression they are inevitable, integral of the moment."- Stu Vandermark

Eric Rosenthal (drums) – Eric is a percussionist and improviser based in Boston. A former student of Ed Blackwell, he was also immersed in the percussion traditions of West Africa and South Indian classical music at one time. He currently hosts a monthly series of Jazz and Improvised music with pianist Pandelis Karayorgis called "Point01Percent", going on its 11th year. He collaborates frequently with a community of improvisers including Nathan McBride, Jorrit Dijkstra, Titiana Castro Mejia, Taylor Ho Bynum, Brittany Karlson, Jeb Bishop, Andrew Neumann, Greg Kelly, Forbes Graham, Dave Bryant and many others. He has made recordings with Pandelis Karayorgis, Damon Smith, Jorrit Dijkstra, Stephen Haynes, Taylor Ho Bynum, Charlie Kohlhase, Andrew Neumann, the avant-klezmer-rock fusion group Naftule's Dream, the Shirim Klezmer Orchestra and others. He was once a member of the Either/Orchestra. Eric is also a prolific landscape/abstract painter, making hundreds of paintings over the last 15 years.


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