Monday, May 20, 2024 7:00a -
Monday, May 27, 2024 11:00p

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Enjoy the beautiful weather ahead our picks for 92 FREE things to do in Boston this week to make the most out of the longer and sunnier days. Dare I say that summer is here!

1) 37,000+ Flags on Boston Common bit.ly/-3llj

2) Free Admission to MFA (Mo) bit.ly/4dM-

3) Celtics Watch Party (Tu) bit.ly/3Wi-

4) Free Admission to ICA (Mo) bit.ly/4BI-

5) Yappier Hour Launch Party (We) bit.ly/3Kd0

6) Mini Music Fest @ Sam’s (Th) bit.ly/4a-S

7) Solve @ MIT (We) bit.ly/4b-Y

8) Seaport Summer Market (Sa-Su) bit.ly/4dEl

9) The Night Bazaar (We) bit.ly/3WI-

10) BPL Café Concert (Sa) bit.ly/3-R9

11) Vino + Vintage Market (We) bit.ly/3-qP

12) Art Gallery Reception (Th) bit.ly/lK7-

13) SoWa Open Market (Su) bit.ly/3WUt

14) Let’s Spritz Party (Sa) bit.ly/-ZQK

15) Free Bluebikes (Su) bit.ly/3WO-

16) Plant Truck Popup (We) bit.ly/-7sm

17) FAV45s Party @ Remnant (Th) bit.ly/4bl-d

18) Summer Sipper @ Short Path (Sa) bit.ly/3-8l

19) ‘Furiosa’ Pre-Screening (Mo) bit.ly/3Kt-

20) Liberty Fashion Show (Th) bit.ly/3-do

21) 20/30s Explore the Charles (Th) bit.ly/fa-L

22) Boston Open Market (Sa) bit.ly/4dH-

23) Seaport Sweat (We-Su) bit.ly/-3KO

24) Greenway Art Market (Sa) bit.ly/3FL-

25) After Work Beer Social (Th) bit.ly/-exq

26) JP Farmers Market (Sa) bit.ly/3wN-

27) Community Movie Night (We) bit.ly/3w-0

28) AAPI Celebration (Sa) bit.ly/4dJ-

29) Dance Parties in Boston bit.ly/-wFO

30) WBUR Plant Night (We) bit.ly/3-pL

31) Boston Conversations (Mo) bit.ly/3-fQ

32) Live R&B @ BPM (Fr) bit.ly/3Ktg

33) Seaport Trivia Tour (Sa/Su) bit.ly/4bK-

34) 25 Outdoor Markets in Boston bit.ly/S1-i

35) Boxing @ Arsenal Yards (Mo) bit.ly/-vY4

36) 15+ Boston Picnic Spots bit.ly/-3Bj

37) AAPI Heritage Group Run (We) bit.ly/4dI-

38) ‘Seltzer Factor’ Screening (Sa) bit.ly/3-Zh

39) 20s/30s Cambridge Picnic (Mo) bit.ly/4d-p

40) Chocolate Popup (Sa) bit.ly/4bHL

41) AAPI Heritage Trivia (Tu) bit.ly/BaI-

42) MLB Gaming Tournament (Mo) bit.ly/4dN-

43) Rowes Wharf Walking Tour (Mo) bit.ly/4bt-

44) Taking a Civic Leap (Th) bit.ly/-lyM

45) Ukulele Club (We) bit.ly/3K0l

46) Modern Orchestra Project (Sa) bit.ly/4aq-

47) Saborcito @ The Anchor (Mo) bit.ly/-39-

48) D&D @ CultureHouse (Su) bit.ly/4dK-

49) Boston Comedy Club (Sa) bit.ly/3yp-

50) LoveChild Wine Tasting (Fr-Sa) bit.ly/44P-

51) Test Screen Printing (Tu) bit.ly/4dV-

52) Seaport Sweat: HIIT (Mo) bit.ly/3-Ol

53) Pilates Fusion Class (Mo) bit.ly/3QR-

54) Game Night @ Goethe (Th) bit.ly/3Kag

55) Poetry Open Mic (Su) bit.ly/-jwZ

56) DJ Felix @ BPM (Sa) bit.ly/3w-m

57) Spring Blooms Around Boston bit.ly/-l1K

58) 20 Farmers Markets in Boston bit.ly/-wro

59) Live Music @ the Liberty (Mo) bit.ly/3gm-

60) Trivia @ Remnant (Mo) bit.ly/3-at

61) Beautiful Boston Buildings bit.ly/it-I

62) DTX Arts Market (Th) bit.ly/-0sA

63) Urban Grape Wine Tasting (Sa) bit.ly/4dW-

64) Moving in Community (Mo) bit.ly/3K7-

65) Famous Boston Movie Locations bit.ly/Th-0

66) Famous Boston Literary Spots bit.ly/jI1-

67) 20+ Live Music Nights in Bos bit.ly/-bbk

68) 5 Places to Work Remotely bit.ly/iy-i

69) BPL Art & Arch Tour (Mo-Su) bit.ly/3NS-

70) Musical Bingo @ BPM (Th) bit.ly/-M2l

71) 9 Unique Boston Book Clubs bit.ly/l1-I

72) Coffee Tasting (Fr) bit.ly/4bG-

73) Star Gazing @ BU (We) bit.ly/4bI-

74) Porch Jam Sundays (Su) bit.ly/3yi-

75) Silent Book Club + Writing (Mo) bit.ly/k-Ti

76) Self-guided Graffiti Tour bit.ly/f-4v

77) BPL Library Card Perks (Tu-Su) bit.ly/-l-k

78) Comedy @ GrandTen (Su) bit.ly/4a-M

79) Afrobeats Dance Class (We) bit.ly/3d-l

80) Poetry @ CultureHouse (Fr) bit.ly/3V-l

81) Boston’s Best Street Art bit.ly/Ar-t

82) ICA Free Thursdays (Th) bit.ly/3U-l

83) Harvard Art Museums (Tu-Su) bit.ly/-5Yw

84) Trivia @ BPM (We) bit.ly/3mN-

85) Yoga @ the Frog Pond (Th) bit.ly/4aV-

86) Jazz @ a Brewery (Th) bit.ly/4aJ-

87) Friday Night Trivia (Fr) bit.ly/3-oP

88) Nov Project: Harvard Stairs (We) bit.ly/3K-w

89) 30+ Trivia Nights in Boston bit.ly/-BAZ

90) Trivia @ PKL (We) bit.ly/44L-

91) Live Music @ PKL (Sa) bit.ly/3DH-

92) Venture Café Gathering (Th) bit.ly/4vP-

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05/20/2024 07:00:00 05/27/2024 23:00:00 America/New_York 92 FREE things to do in Boston this week: May 20–27, 2024 <p>Enjoy the beautiful weather ahead our picks for 92 FREE things to do in Boston this week to make the most out of the longer and sunnier days. Dare I say that summer is here!</p><p><br></p><p>1) ... Boston, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY

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