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Make the most of Labor Day weekend with our picks for 77 things to do around Boston both on and offline...

1) SoWa First Fridays https://bit.ly/--k1v
2) Dinosaur Drive Thru https://bit.ly/--k1s
3) Harvard Science + Cooking https://bit.ly/--1km
4) ICA Virtual First Fridays https://bit.ly/--k1g
5) Apple Picking Near Boston https://bit.ly/--kl1
6) Corn Mazes Near Boston https://bit.ly/--k1
7) campfire. music festival https://bit.ly/--k1l
8) Meet the Piglets https://bit.ly/--1kf
9) Free Admission to the ICA https://bit.ly/--t7q
10) Experience Chinatown https://bit.ly/--1kd
11) Boston Lights at the Zoo ​https://bit.ly/--js1
12) Boston-Area Beer Gardens https://bit.ly/--gbV
13) Top 10 Rooftop Bars in Boston https://bit.ly/--gbV
14) Cinco de Septiembre https://bit.ly/--1kz
15) Starlight Square Cambridge ​https://bit.ly/--vt1
16) Broadway Music in the Park https://bit.ly/--1ku
17) SoWa Farmers Market https://bit.ly/--k1e
18) Farmers Markets Around Boston https://bit.ly/--cvI
19) Lansdowne St “Fan Zone” https://bit.ly/--vIl
20) Colby Farm Sunflowers https://bit.ly/--t7
21) Live Outdoor Jazz Music https://bit.ly/--k1i
22) Outdoor Picnic + Live Music https://bit.ly/--1kk
23) Bread & Roses Heritage Fest https://bit.ly/--k1t
24) Backyard Music Salon Series https://bit.ly/--t7g
25) Drinks/Food @ Lookout Farm https://bit.ly/--t7s
26) Late Summer Liberation Party https://bit.ly/--t7x
27) Rally for Black Lives https://bit.ly/--1ko
28) Woodbourne Walking Tour https://bit.ly/--1kp
29) Pencil Drawing & Illustration https://bit.ly/--1kh
30) Live @ 5 at The Anchor https://bit.ly/--t7k
31) Mayday! Cocktail Bar https://bit.ly/--knV
32) The Fenway Fridays 3.0 https://bit.ly/--1kv
33) Picnic on the Farm https://bit.ly/--1kw
34) Outdoor Zumba https://bit.ly/--t7b
35) Sunset Beach Yoga https://bit.ly/--1kq
36) Yoga at Jamaica Pond https://bit.ly/--1kr
37) BLM Demonstrations ​​https://bit.ly/--ft1
38) Piano Craft Gallery​ Exhibition https://bit.ly/--k1j
39) Make a Wooden Tray https://bit.ly/--k1q
40) Sunday Morning Outdoor Yoga https://bit.ly/--k1r
41) Yoga in the Beer Garden https://bit.ly/--7ta
42) #YogaLemonade: Virtual Yoga https://bit.ly/--k1b
43) Helios Opera: La Voix https://bit.ly/--k1x
44) Boston Winery Wine Tastings ​https://bit.ly/--k1z
45) Free Kite Friday ​https://bit.ly/--3t1
46) School Supply Drive https://bit.ly/--k1a
47) Sunflowers for Pediatrics https://bit.ly/--t7n
48) Spectacle Island Ferry https://bit.ly/--icI
49) Slow Flow Yoga Online https://bit.ly/--t7d
50) Healthworks’ Outdoor Fitness ​https://bit.ly/--xt1
51) Art for Self Healing https://bit.ly/--1kx
52) Yoga in the Park Charlestown https://bit.ly/--k1y
53) Free Outdoor Fitness ​https://bit.ly/--pto
54) French Bistro Cooking Class https://bit.ly/--jqV
55) Spanish for Lunch https://bit.ly/--k1d
56) Moonrise Cinema Seaport ​​https://bit.ly/--ct1
57) Nonfiction Creative Writing https://bit.ly/--t7c
58) Spanish Happy Hour https://bit.ly/--k1c
59) Seaport Sweat: Bootcamp https://bit.ly/--1kb
60) Sunset Yoga @ Piers Park https://bit.ly/--k1u
61) Outdoor Yoga in Cambridge https://bit.ly/--1kc
62) Seaport Sweat: Align n' Flow https://bit.ly/--k1f
63) Virtual Sip+Stitch https://bit.ly/--k1k
64) Trump/Pence OUT NOW https://bit.ly/--k1o
65) Free Online Ukulele Class https://bit.ly/--t7m
66) Move The World Virtual Run https://bit.ly/--1k
67) Unity Farm Sanctuary Tour https://bit.ly/--t7h
68) A Sail Through Time https://bit.ly/--t7j
69) Stand Out for BLM https://bit.ly/--t7l
70) Informal Spanish Convo https://bit.ly/--k1n
71) Saturday Beach Yoga https://bit.ly/--1kg
72) September BARCathon https://bit.ly/--t7z
73) Aerial Yoga Class https://bit.ly/--1ks
74) Bully Boy Cocktail Garden ​​https://bit.ly/--gt1
75) Stained Glass Spinner Class https://bit.ly/--1ke
76) Back Bay Chocolate Tour https://bit.ly/--k1p
77) Greenway Open Market https://bit.ly/--1ka

All weekend events: https://bit.ly/2DwtnrE

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