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It's already the second weekend of September, and summer is nearly over. The silver lining is fall in Boston is pretty awesome: haunted houses, cider, apple/pumpkin picking, harvest festivals, Halloween, etc. etc.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves -- boots have not landed in Boston just yet. So here's everything happening over this weekend, that time of the year directly between summer & fall...

1) Cambridge Carnival http://bit.ly/--5ka
2) Somerville Dog Festival http://bit.ly/--9lz
3) JP Music Festival http://bit.ly/--2ko
4) Hyperlocal Craft Beer Fest http://bit.ly/--4af
5) Sausage Fest Boston http://bit.ly/D_ed
6) Allston's Awesome Xmas http://bit.ly/--orb
7) Beach Ball Flash Mob http://bit.ly/fd_E
8) Boston Arts Festival http://bit.ly/--4jh
9) Assembly Row RiverFest http://bit.ly/--2hk
10) Sam Adams Bostoberfest http://bit.ly/--h2o
11) Night Shift Annex Opening http://bit.ly/--2gl
12) 'Minions' on the Common http://bit.ly/--6nk
13) Boston Bike Party http://bit.ly/--9bf
14) Oddball Comedy Festival http://bit.ly/--5ba
15) Italian Feast in Cambridge http://bit.ly/--b4a
16) Pulitzer Prize Winners http://bit.ly/--4ka
17) Somerville Greek Festival http://bit.ly/--b3a
18) Vegetarian Food Truck Fest http://bit.ly/--a3o
19) Rock + Roll Yard Sale http://bit.ly/--8xq
20) ICA After 5: Tie Dye + Mai Tais http://bit.ly/--3hs
21) Allston Block Party http://bit.ly/--8kd
22) Walter Sickert @ The Sinclair http://bit.ly/--8af
23) Pvrple with Mannie Fresh http://bit.ly/--9xq
24) Worshipper @ ONCE http://bit.ly/--6th
25) Festival of Indie Games http://bit.ly/--4ej
26) Pokemon Go Tour http://bit.ly/--9sw
27) Sober Fitness Festival http://bit.ly/--k4x
28) 24-Hour Dance Festival http://bit.ly/--3bj
29) Brazilian Festival http://bit.ly/--8lx
30) FensFest Harvest Festival http://bit.ly/--r2i
31) Lawn on D Cornhole Tourney http://bit.ly/KJ_1
32) South End Open Market http://bit.ly/rd_3
33) SoWa Open Market http://bit.ly/--8bt
34) Somerville Flea http://bit.ly/--7fx
35) 'Eight by Tenn' http://bit.ly/--2bj
36) 'Marjorie Prime' http://bit.ly/--6jo
37) Comedy Arts Festival http://bit.ly/--9ne
38) 'Sunday in the Park...' http://bit.ly/--5jk
39) 'Cheers' Live on Stage http://bit.ly/--8sl
40) Sondheim's 'Company' http://bit.ly/--6jb
41) 'Ouroboros' Trilogy http://bit.ly/--3jk
42) Harpoon Friday Flicks http://bit.ly/--h4a
43) The Poetry Brothel http://bit.ly/--9xz
44) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/--8ca
45) Golden Girls Drag Parody http://bit.ly/--i8x
46) Judy Takes Broadway http://bit.ly/--j6f
47) 'Significant Other' http://bit.ly/--a5p
48) Colonial Tavern Night http://bit.ly/--8ve
49) Free College Fitness http://bit.ly/--8dd
50) NFL Trainer Free Workout http://bit.ly/--8xc
51) International Arepas Day http://bit.ly/--8lk
52) E-Som Market http://bit.ly/--7sd
53) Toy Camera Festival http://bit.ly/--3ho
54) Mexican Independence Fest http://bit.ly/--4gg
55) Yoga at the MFA http://bit.ly/--9br
56) Dirty Dozen Brass Band http://bit.ly/--w3d
57) Amos Lee @ Opera House http://bit.ly/--s2j
58) Patriots Viewing Party http://bit.ly/gh_i
59) Brighton Sounds Concert http://bit.ly/--7xz
60) Rose Museum Fall Opening http://bit.ly/--7tg
61) Irving Penn Photography http://bit.ly/--7za
62) Silent Film + Live Music http://bit.ly/--9cr
63) Noir at the Bar http://bit.ly/--8sr
64) Catalyst Tiki Party http://bit.ly/--j4k
65) Champions Figure Skating http://bit.ly/--7xl
66) Community Boating Party http://bit.ly/--8fx
67) Summer Smackdown http://bit.ly/--5nn
68) Bloody Mary Brunch http://bit.ly/--6ds
69) Lawn on D Fenway Truck http://bit.ly/--3gh
70) 'Green Room' http://bit.ly/--g2o
71) '80s Booze Cruise http://bit.ly/--n4j
72) Charles River Sunset Cruise http://bit.ly/--jpz
73) Moonlight Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/--k6s
74) Harbor Day Sail http://bit.ly/--4ji
75) High Speed Jet Boat Cruise http://bit.ly/--j5o

List permalink: http://bit.ly/2cbuOc8

All 300+ events: http://bit.ly/2ctNFAK

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