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Sunday, Jul 19, 2020 11:00p

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Make the most of the first weekend of Phase 3 in Boston with museum reopenings, outdoor fitness, beer gardens, virtual festivals, and more.

1) Free ICA Reopening https://bit.ly/---eNr
2) NE Aquarium Reopening https://bit.ly/---cKt
3) Free Outdoor Fitness https://bit.ly/---w4J
4) City Winery @ The Greenway https://bit.ly/--hmJ
5) The Lexington Patio https://bit.ly/---hfB
6) Festival Betances https://bit.ly/---7sH
7) Drive-In 'Groundhog Day' https://bit.ly/---7mS
8) Rooftop Bars in Boston ​https://bit.ly/--ta1
9) Beer Gardens in Boston ​https://bit.ly/--ts1
10) Boston Stream Party https://bit.ly/--3qu
11) Somerville ArtBeat 2020 https://bit.ly/---7ws
12) Peabody Essex Museum https://bit.ly/---mhb
13) Greenway Open Market https://bit.ly/---mWe
13) Live at the Beehive https://bit.ly/---8jS
15) BPL Courtyard Concerts https://bit.ly/---Ksy
16) Boston-Area Farmers Markets ​https://bit.ly/--td1
17) 7 Beaches Near Boston ​https://bit.ly/-Iia
18) Ferry to Spectacle Island ​https://bit.ly/--td
19) Kayaking/Paddleboarding https://​bit.ly/--tm1
20) Greenway Summer Fitness https://bit.ly/---5wt
21) Boston Parks Fitness https://bit.ly/---xyD
22) Yoga in the Beer Garden https://bit.ly/---6gr
23) Saturday Beach Volleyball https://bit.ly/---fHe
24) Saturday Softball https://bit.ly/---bDk
25) Black Trans Lives Matter https://bit.ly/---6sN
26) Kelleher Rose Garden ​https://bit.ly/--tk2
27) Virtual Caricatures https://bit.ly/---xKu
28) Outdoor Symphony https://bit.ly/---bWy
29) One Night Band https://bit.ly/---hRe
30) ‘World Line’ Virtual Play https://bit.ly/---yGe
31) Chance in Theater https://bit.ly/---4Rs
32) BLM Demonstrations ​https://bit.ly/--vxZ
33) Saturday Beach Yoga https://bit.ly/---Pfe
34) Cambridge Outdoor Yoga https://bit.ly/---yrj
35) Memorial Drive Yoga https://bit.ly/---kRd
36) Yoga in the Park https://bit.ly/---5uk
37) Outdoor Power Yoga https://bit.ly/---6Ae
38) Outdoor Beat Build https://bit.ly/---uaH
39) Wellness Warrior Yoga https://bit.ly/---W4t
40) BLM Yoga Benefit https://bit.ly/---cyG
41) Free Yoga Project https://bit.ly/---oPi
42) East Somerville Market https://bit.ly/---agC
43) Rebel Rebel Wine School https://bit.ly/---gSr
44) Standout for Racial Justice ​https://bit.ly/--tj1
45) deCordova Museum https://bit.ly/---jnq
46) SoWa Farmers Market https://bit.ly/---Zdt
47) PEAR Fund Stream https://bit.ly/---uBp
48) Passim Streams https://bit.ly/---n4E
49) Seaport Sweat https://bit.ly/---vEr
50) Forest Bathing Retreat https://bit.ly/---7kc
51) Jimmy Fund Bingo Night https://bit.ly/---7ew
52) Jimmy Fund Wellness https://bit.ly/---eww
53) C1 PlayLab https://bit.ly/---uNs
54) Spanish Happy Hour https://bit.ly/---zuB
55) Reimagining Upham’s https://bit.ly/---nGr
56) Marshfield Drive-In https://bit.ly/--6ac
57) Kowloon Drive-In https://bit.ly/---7qz
58) Puppet Showplace Theater https://bit.ly/---6cq
59) Human Variety Hour https://bit.ly/---n4t
60) World Ocean School https://bit.ly/---viS
61) Amplify Conference https://bit.ly/---BFi
62) Odds Bodkin Storytelling https://bit.ly/---bFe
63) The Story Collider https://bit.ly/---qrd
64) Skip the Small Talk https://bit.ly/---Bno
65) Washington Q&A https://bit.ly/---k7F
66) Coolidge Screening Room https://bit.ly/---dkq
67) Cisco Beer/Wine Garden ​https://bit.ly/--cxI
68) The Lawn on D ​https://bit.ly/--vIk
69) Provincetown Fast Ferry https://bit.ly/--tj4
70) Visit Trustees Properties https://bit.ly/--td2
71) Sailing in Boston Harbor ​https://bit.ly/--ts2
72) BSO at Home ​https://bit.ly/--tz2

All weekend events: https://bit.ly/3inY0Pn

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: https://bit.ly/3jaGtLe

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