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It's said the term "fall" comes from the Old English word feallan, which means "to fall from a height." Eventually the term came to denote the season, pulled from expressions like "fall of the leaf" and "fall of the year." In other words, 2015 is coming to a close. Have you had a good year? Have you made the most it? Have you accomplished your goals? None of that matters, because there's still 4 minutes left in this game and now is your chance to drive down the field Tom Brady style and win this fucking thing. (Or maybe you've crushed 2015, in which case you should pat yourself on the back and run up the score on your opponent.)

Here are 70 ways to make the most of the seventh-to-last weekend of 2015…

1) Warehouse Dance Party http://bit.ly/--Bel
2) Antiquarian Book Fair http://bit.ly/--6lq
3) Yoga + Music + Chocolate http://bit.ly/--6Il
4) Hallelujah The Hills http://bit.ly/--6lg
5) "LAB RATS" (free play) http://bit.ly/--6la
6) ATB x Aeronaut http://bit.ly/--6ly
7) City Awake Expo http://bit.ly/--6rl
8) BOS Skatepark Opening! http://bit.ly/--6lc
9) Back to the 90s Party http://bit.ly/--6lj
10) Free DJ Class http://bit.ly/--6li
11) Free Holiday Cooking Class http://bit.ly/--6II
12) Burlesque Birthday Bonanza http://bit.ly/--6lI
13) Art Gallery Reception http://bit.ly/--6lr
14) New Blue Makers Market http://bit.ly/--6il
15) Goethe-Institut Open House http://bit.ly/--6lw
16) Boston Comedy Fest Finals http://bit.ly/--BlI
17) City Awake Festival http://bit.ly/--Bxl
18) Yoga + Beer http://bit.ly/--Bml
19) Free Brewery Tour http://bit.ly/--igA
20) Winter Kickoff Party http://bit.ly/--6vl
21) Tom "Petty: The Biography" http://bit.ly/--6lo
22) Aardvark Jazz Orchestra http://bit.ly/--6bl
23) Freezepop EP Release http://bit.ly/--6cl
24) Pop Overthrow Fest http://bit.ly/--6xl
25) Bantam Cider Tastings http://bit.ly/--6el
26) Go Boston 2030 http://bit.ly/--6wl
27) $25 Benefit Brunch http://bit.ly/--6lm
28) Public Art & the Commons http://bit.ly/--6lt
29) Dinner Lab http://bit.ly/--6dl
30) Boston MegaGame http://bit.ly/--6lv
31) Kris Kringle Fair http://bit.ly/--6lz
32) Natural Living Expo http://bit.ly/--6lk
33) Paper Football Tournament http://bit.ly/--6al
34) ASPIRE Speak Out Forum http://bit.ly/--6tl
35) Festi-Fall & Craft Fair http://bit.ly/--6ln
36) Remodelista Market http://bit.ly/--6lb
37) Cupcake Crawl http://bit.ly/--6ql
38) Scandinavian Fair 2015 http://bit.ly/--6lx
39) Author Insights http://bit.ly/--6yl
40) Gallery Closing Reception http://bit.ly/--6sl
41) Reggae Down http://bit.ly/--6kl
42) Concert @ Cafe 939 http://bit.ly/--6zl
43) Dueling Pianos http://bit.ly/--Bzl
44) A Cappella Concert http://bit.ly/--6nl
45) Laughing Liberally Boston http://bit.ly/--6ml
46) Fiddler on the Roof http://bit.ly/--Bql
47) Goddamn Draculas http://bit.ly/--Bwl
48) Choreographers' Showcase http://bit.ly/--VIl
49) Boston Comedy Festival http://bit.ly/--Bcl
50) Chopin Without Piano http://bit.ly/--Bvl
51) More to Love Yoga http://bit.ly/--Bnl
52) Typewriter Rodeo http://bit.ly/--6ol
53) Friday the 13th at… http://bit.ly/--6lf
54) Glow Yoga Fusion http://bit.ly/--6ld
55) PoemJazz http://bit.ly/--6ls
56) Liquid Courage Comedy http://bit.ly/--ldA
57) Fenway Sessions http://bit.ly/--lyA
58) Jewish Unity Concert http://bit.ly/--ltA
59) Music of Martinu http://bit.ly/--liA
60) Sunday Trivia http://bit.ly/--laA
61) Humble Tripe, Joe Holt http://bit.ly/--loA
62) Standup Sampler http://bit.ly/--lsA
63) Reggae Yoga Flow http://bit.ly/--Bvz
64) Flamenco Workshop http://bit.ly/--Bbl
65) Films That Go Pop http://bit.ly/--lqA
66) Concert for Marriage Equality http://bit.ly/--lwA
67) Stone Soup for 20s/30s http://bit.ly/--lrA
68) Violinist Y.M. Elmaleh http://bit.ly/--leW
69) Boston Jewish Film Fest http://bit.ly/--ifA
70) Colonial Tavern Nights http://bit.ly/--ikA

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