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There’s more than meets the eye at these subtle, hidden places to discover in the city. Here’s your guide to Boston’s secret speakeasies, hideaway shops, hard-to-find restaurants, and lesser-known must-do experiences.

By Yelena Nicolle Salvador


1) Bodega

Where: Fenway

Info: Hidden behind a vending machine in an unassuming mini-mart, Bodega is your one-stop shop for sneaker junkies, streetwear lovers, and community artists who are looking to break the mold.

2) Over the Tunnel Books

Where: Eastie

Info: Tucked underneath the carefully curated EBO & Co. Grocery, there will be directions by the wall of wines to enter this book nook full of cookbooks, food publications, complimentary espresso, board games, and cozy vibes.


1) Bogie’s Place

Where: Downtown

Info: A secret, reservation-only steakhouse with caviar service, Bogie’s Place is found in the depths of a city beer and burger joint, jm Curley’s. Find the “Adults Only” sign and pull back the black curtain for a fine dining experience.

2) The Gallery at Yvonne’s 

Where: Downtown

Info: Each of Yvonne’s rooms feels like a different romantic vibe – all underneath a fake hair salon. Find yourself in a warmly lit, chandelier-filled room, a library, or a rustic brick and portrait-filled space to enjoy a finely-crafted cocktail or light bite. The secret to an intimate dining experience is a reservation-only supper club behind the bookshelves at The Gallery, so find the secret book and pull it out to reveal a new room.

3) Sushi @ Temple Records

Where: Downtown

Info: Underneath the vinyl bar, Temple Records, where the carefully designed atmosphere of no-shake cocktails and curated Japanese alcoholic sips of wine and shochū allows for a one-of-kind listening experience, lies a small 22-seat sushi bar serving nigiri, sashimi, and more.

4) Borrachito

Where: Seaport 

Info: A speakeasy that serves tacos? Yes, you heard it right. With tortillas made by hand every day and stunning cocktails on the rocks or frozen – your taco adventure awaits you behind the freezer door!

5) No Relation

Where: South End

Info: This intimate, reservation-only sushi bar is sure to impress with an elaborate omakase menu. Make your way through the tropical vibes of the Shore Leave restaurant and wander through the hallway to find a nine-seat sushi bar. 


1) The Wig Shop

Where: Downtown

Info: Add this bar to your list for a great espresso martini and other cocktails. The Wig Shop is neon-signed and full of mannequin heads because it’s located underneath a retro wig shop!

2) Bar Pallino

Where: Back Bay

Info: A secret wine bar with a long list of vino, cocktails, and mezcal, this intimate setting is underneath the Italian restaurant, Faccia a Faccia, right on Newbury St.! Plus, it’s a place that is co-owned by a James Beard Award winner.

3) backbar

Where: Union Square

Info: Walk through a dark alley and find the orange door. There lies another speakeasy cocktail bar with cat-themed cocktails. But look out – their new music menu is dropping soon for a dance party on your taste buds.

4) Bleacher Bar

Where: Fenway

Info: A bar built into the bleachers of Fenway Park? Yes, it exists! With a perfect view of center field, baseball players, and more, take a seat at Bleacher Bar for unparalleled views from a giant garage window that peers into the beloved stadium.

5) Modern Underground

Where: North End

Info: If you’re on the hunt for an espresso martini or want to pair your famous North End cannoli with a drink, find the staircase by the entrance (past the usually long lines of people) and enter Modern Pastry’s underground sports for a change of scenery and a laid back vibe.

6) Next Door

Where: Eastie

Info: From the outside, it looks like a simple locksmith shop, but step into Pazza on Porter, give the host your reservation name, answer a question, and be transported into a classy, blue velveted environment with a wave of your hand to open a secret door. Bubbling, colorful cocktails, and tasty bites await!

7) Hecate

Where: Back Bay

Info: Find this usually packed speakeasy under Krasi, a Greek restaurant. Head to the public alley, locate the door and wait at the Threshold to see if there’s any seating at the 24-person bar. Dark, spooky, mysterious, and walk-in only.

8) Saloon

Where: Davis Square

Info: Prohibition-like speakeasy and full of vintage yet opulent style, Saloon is under the Foundry restaurant in The Rockwell. The sign outside is quite small, but once you spot it, head down the flight of stairs and enter a dark brick oasis that specializes in whiskey and simple, sophisticated spirits.

9) Offsuit

Where: Leather District

Info: An intimate bar tucked behind an alley, Offsuit requires you to call their phone (find the number on their unassuming door) so you can enter their small but grand establishment with small plates and delightful cocktails.

10) Tasting Room at Bully Boy Distillers

Where: Roxbury

Info: Known for its handcrafted bourbon, Bully Boy Distillers has its own tasting room in-house too! After seeing the barrels themselves, taste it all with their seasonal rotating menu at their dark and cozy tasting room. Plus, you can bring your own food or order delivery to their location as you enjoy the Bully Boy spirit. 

11) Supper Club at Capo

Where: Southie

Info: Below Citizens Bank lies Capo’s Supper Club. Enter Capo restaurant and find the connecting staircase to enter a Sinatra-inspired bar that has live music, comedy and trivia nights, and fun cocktails.

12) The Rose Room at Prima

Where: Charlestown

Info: Head to the back of this steakhouse, pass the busy kitchen, and find yourself in a mosaic-tiled hallway that leads to a red velvet paradise. With everything rose-themed, enter the Rose Room, a warm and elegant cocktail lounge.

13) Old Wives’ Tale

Where: Everett

Info: Ocean adventure is hidden in the depths of the back of the Seamark restaurant with cocktails inspired by the wonders of the sea. “First aboard, first served” at this nautical bar.

14) Rooftop Bar at Beacon Hill Hotel

Where: Beacon Hill

Info: Wine and dine on the first-floor restaurant or make your way to the top terrace to enjoy your drinks and food with a beautiful view of the picturesque Beacon Hill. The roof deck is where the fun is as you people watch along Charles Street.

15) Blind Duck at the Raffles Hotel

Where: Back Bay

Info: In pure elegance, the Blind Duck is tucked inside the luxurious Raffles Hotel. Enjoy mocktails, low-alc, and beautiful cocktails with a seasonal rotating menu. Each cocktail has a story of its own.

16) Wink and Nod

Where: South End

Info: It’s easy to walk by this establishment without thinking twice, but look closely at the door sign, and enter this no-password speakeasy. With rotating chefs every 6 months, you’ll find a mouthwatering entree to match your delicately crafted cocktail or pair with a fine scotch.


1) Urban Park Roof Garden

Where: Kendall Square

Info: Located above a Kendall parking garage or accessible by stairs, this public and free park is a beautiful space to bring a blanket, a picnic, and friends. There are courts to play pickleball, live music nights, and colorful sculptures too!

2) Observation Deck at Independence Wharf

Where: The Wharf

Info: Take in breathtaking views of the Boston skyline for free. Bring your I.D. to show the front desk or follow the signs to this deck that is open to the public at the Independence Wharf building.

3) Underground at Ink Block

Where: South End to Southie

Info: Enjoy colorful murals, community fitness classes, pickleball courts, dog parks, and popup food and retail events at this concrete jungle turned neighborhood urban park. Walk, bring friends, and discover the beauty underneath a Massachusetts highway.

4) Glitter Boys at The Sinclair

Where: Harvard Square

Info: This place is known as a concert and live music venue. However, every Friday night, The Sinclair turns into the ultimate vinyl disco dance party with neon color and sometimes even dancers with rollerblades on. If you’re looking for a Boston rite of passage, brave the line and dance the night away with the iconic Glitter Boys for their 70’s and 80’s vinyl set. 

5) Rose Kelleher Garden

Where: Fenway

Info: A literal secret garden full of blooms and color, the Rose Keller Garden is hidden in the Back Bay Fens. Find arches and trellises of roses, charming fountains, and more, in this little peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

6) Museum of Modern Renaissance

Where: Davis Square

Info: This colorful house is hard to miss on a quiet residential street. What was once a Masonic temple is now a temple for the arts with the most breathtaking hand-painted murals. You’ll be transported to a world of color and magical realism. They have special events and guided tours, so be on the lookout for their announcements!

7) Sargent Murals at the Boston Public Library

Where: Back Bay

Info: Whether you are roaming the halls of the BPL, staying for one of their cocktails in the Map Room, or reading in one of their beautiful study rooms, be sure to make your way to the third floor of the McKim building for gigantic murals by John Singer Sargent that are larger than life and intricate.

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