Pudgy's Place

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Pudgy Productions is a lifestyle brand centered around the arts, sciences, mental health, and education paired with chill vibes and mysticism. Our names are Phillip & Shahane Sahakian-Stallworth (yup, we got married and both changed our names!), we are the founders/owners of PUDGY'S PLACE LLC!

Our story started when we met and fell in love while studying at Alfred University. Through our friendship and relationship, we realized the lifestyle we were living drew people in and created the energy we wanted to see more of in this world. We want to enrich people's lives with handmade, unique, and ethical artwork that brings repeated joy to the owners. We want you to feel good knowing you supported a local, small, handmade business that cares about you and our environment. We simultaneously want to bridge the arts and sciences together through education and outreach!

Plus, if we help change the stigmas behind cannabis and those communities most affected by the war on drugs through our fun funky adventures and podcasts then we’ll count that as a bonus!

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