Academy of Realist Art Boston

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The Academy of Realist Art, Boston was established in the historic leather district of Boston in 2009 by Cindy MacMillan. We have grown into a cozy medium-sized academy that prides itself on providing a nurturing environment with enthusiastic instructors that care about their students while demanding the highest standards of performance from them. Students receive individualized practical instruction advancing at their own pace while working to achieve the highest levels of draftsmanship and painting skills. This intensive and focused teaching methodology has a proven record of success with students enrolling as beginners and those more advanced. 

We implement a curriculum that has been modeled after 19th century French Academies with refinements that reflect the modern world. Our instructors have studio space in the school and welcome having an open discourse about their own art and work experiences as a complement to their class instruction. We also offer numerous high quality workshops with in-house and outside instructors that we admire.

Looking for adult education, continuing education classes or online art classes? Check out our evening and weekend classes, in-person workshops and online classes that are open to anyone. Basic drawing classes? Look for any “Bargue” drawing class. Here you’ll get the basics and work alongside people of all levels but still get individualized instruction. Our art classes are geared towards people of all skills levels and backgrounds.

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