Boston Music Project

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The Boston Music Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to ensuring the long-term social-emotional and musical success of Boston youth.

BMP’s vision is to give every child an engaging and fun musical experience, performance opportunities to develop confidence and self-efficacy, high levels of musical proficiency, and a passion for learning that transcends all subjects. We serve youth of all ages to ensure that the following long-term impact goals can become a reality for all students:

Musical Excellence

All youth take part in weekly, small-group rehearsals in one of eight orchestras, receive weekly private lessons from our dynamic team of professional musicians and experienced music educators, and take part in multiple community performances each year.

Social Emotional Development

Our curriculum is specifically designed to help students develop self-confidence and intrinsic motivation, empathy towards a diverse community of peers, and the ability to problem-solve and make constructive and respectful choices.

Civic Engagement

Our focus on community involvement gives students more context for how they as individuals can make a positive impact in the world. Students will understand the importance of community engagement, the positive role that music can play in their communities, and the satisfaction of preparing and performing for others. 

Creative Self-Expression

​In addition to instrumental music instructions, students take part in a series of creative projects from our signature paper orchestra program, student composition workshops, digital music tech classes, and music projects that integrate academic learning.

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