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Yan Chongtai also did not expect Dong Qingqiu to insist like this, and even got angry. I didn't know what to say for a moment, just like Dong Qingqiu stood in front of the windowsill last night and told him that if she didn't let her go, she would jump off the windowsill. Murong and others can easily keep Dong Qingqiu, but Dong Qingqiu seems to have caught the death of Yan Chongtai, so that he dare not force himself. Yan Chongtai looked gloomy, "the national teacher is willing to take the antidote to urge the heart poison to exchange the antidote of Baijing poison!"! Can't you just wait? His words still failed to stop Dong Qingqiu from going downstairs. Do you hate me so much? Don't you trust me like that? Seeing that Dong Qingqiu had already reached the door, Yan Chongtai was still longing for Dong Qingqiu to turn around behind his back. Dong Qingqiu fixed his feet and smiled back, "Lord, it's not that Qingqiu doesn't trust you, but that he can't afford it!" She smiled, though pale from the pain, but her smile was full of confidence and immediately melted into the sunshine. Yan Chongtai watched Dong Qingqiu's figure disappear from the field of vision, an injured face more and more frozen into eggplant color, next to Xia Changqing took a look at Yan Chongtai, "Lord, it seems that this Miss Wan is a little special, do not know Lord your plan.." Yan Chongtai smiled at the corners of his mouth, and the imperceptible smile made the look in his eyes more urgent. "National teacher, just wait and see, she will come back!"! She must belong to me! Chapter 9 of Volume 7 of Manchao Fenghua has another pursuer. Dong Qingqiu rode on the horse and continued to travel westward, only to delay the whole morning. Her horse ran very slowly, and Suo Yu, who followed closely behind her, was as listless as the horse. Dong Qingqiu looked back at him, only to see him frowning, eyes are about to ooze crystal tears, can not help but smile to comfort,coltan ore processing, "how, still angry with the childe ah?"? Ha ha, good Suo Yu, it's my fault, I shouldn't have shouted at you just now, I'll give you compensation, okay? The more she said this, the more aggrieved Suo Yu was, "Childe, do you still have the mind to laugh?!"! Don't you know you've been poisoned? You're not worried at all? Why don't you appreciate it when someone wants to save you? Do you think the Master of the Immortal Gate will give you the antidote? Dong Qingqiu did not expect that one of his words would provoke a machine-gun-like answer from Suo Yu, and he was almost startled. She smiled. "I know.". I didn't expect her to give me the antidote. But if I stay with them, there will be no antidote. "Why?" Now it's Suo Yu's turn to be puzzled. "I think that man is not very good, but he still defends you very much.". He is the ruler of Yan, isn't he? Hasn't he already asked the national teacher to give the antidote to urge the heart poison to the immortal door? Although the master is ruthless, chrome washing machine ,tin beneficiation plant, she is very trustworthy. I think she will give the antidote to the childe. "Suo Yu, I ask you, in your opinion, is the master of the Immortal Gate reliable, or is it the national teacher of Yan?" Suo Yu did not know why Dong Qingqiu wanted him to choose between the two, but he answered, "Of course it's the master." This answer is without thinking. That's all right. In my opinion, the national teacher of Yan is not a good bird. He is in power. How can he easily give up the immortal gate for me? The Immortal Gate was uprooted in the State of Chu. But they were more than ten times more powerful in Yan than in Chu. If Xia Changqing really gave the Antidote to the Immortal Gate, the Immortal Gate would dare to have a big shuffle in Yan! Do you think his position as a national teacher would make such an unworthy deal? Dong Qingqiu said with a sneer, "If you stay there, you may not be able to save yourself.". And follow them to Yan. Completely upset my plan not to say, Suo Yu, do you think I can come back this time? Why can't you come back if you go? I don't think the Lord dared to stop you at all. Dong Qingqiu shook his head and said, "that's now.". As the saying goes, if you take other people's short hands and eat other people's soft mouths, is it still so easy to go to other people's territory? Do you think the Lord of Yan dare not do anything to me? In fact, because this is the land of Chu, once they mess up, they also expose themselves. But if you go to Yan. If you want to come back like this, I'm afraid it's a fool's dream. So what if it's the ruler of Yan? When I saw him like that, I didn't dare to fart in front of the national teacher. I was afraid it would be impossible to count on him. When Suo Yu heard Dong Qingqiu speak rudely, he was stupefied. "You don't want to go to Yan, don't want to be the queen of Yan?" Suo Yu obviously thought that Dong Qingqiu looked down on Yan Zhu so he didn't want to marry him. He thought about it. Nodded, too. Otherwise, the childe would not have fled here from Guzhu. But, childe can't cheat the Lord once? Let him help Childe get the antidote, and then Childe leave. Dong Qingqiu took a look at Suo Yu, when Suo Yu also learned to deceive feelings? She thought of something. Can not help but feel a little gloomy, "this kind of deceptive emotional thing, will only steal chicken without losing rice." Suo Yu did not understand how Dong Qingqiu could say this, and was about to persuade him again when Dong Qingqiu had already raised his head and reined in the reins. Trying to make the horse run faster. What's more, no one will be nice to others for no reason. That Yan Chongtai really likes a person. Or maybe there's another purpose! In front of Dong Qingqiu's eyes, Yan Chongtai's eyes with true feelings appeared again. He treated himself politely. Obviously, he wanted to get his own love and pity, but because of her toughness, he could only look at each other with regret. When he left, he expected her to stay, and Dong Qingqiu really couldn't bear to hear it. However, she is not Wan Siqiu after all, she does not like him, even if he is handsome again, again literary talent, again like Wan Siqiu, she can not accept all, more can not go to Yan with him. She is not that Wan Siqiu, and Yan Chongtai always let Dong Qingqiu have a feeling of unsteadiness,gold shaking table, this kind of unsteadiness, not from Yan Chongtai's dependence on the national teacher and the laissez-faire of state affairs, but from Yan Chongtai himself. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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