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Dream space

Yawu heard this silence but also if the snow shadow is unwilling and forced to be with her there is no happiness at all Suddenly she suddenly looked up at Haihua because Haihua was talking about them not her So Haihua felt Yawu's eyes and smiled bitterly "I want to find a chance to talk with Dan Yan I don't want her to follow me for a lifetime because I am her master" What else can Yawu say when she hears this Although she is a little disapproving of her brother's mood she also thinks that what Haihua said is reasonable but she is Natural Toxins not worried that the remaining sister-in-law will leave Haihua Xueying stayed with Haihua because of the order of the clan and also left Haihua because of the order of the clan But Dan Yan himself was the chief of the clan and no one could command her except Hai Hua Of course Dan Yan may also like other people but who can be better than Haihua Stay in Haihua for a long time even if there is no master and servant identity I believe you can't help but like Shanghai Hua right Now Yawu felt that his younger brother who was indecisive and lovely in his feelings was not as vigorous as he was in dealing with affairs The evil emperor is also an ordinary boy Yawu couldn't help touching Haihua's head and said softly with a smile "Do you want my sister to accompany you to drink" Haihua knew that Yawu saw that he was depressed so he smiled gratefully and said "Good" But when Haihua finished saying this a figure suddenly appeared in the yellow sky and at the same time a loud voice came "Ya Wuxia please marry me!" Hai Hua their sharp eyes immediately found out who was coming has been mentioned the power of course relaxed down Haihua and Yawu were startled did not expect him to come to the front to let himself notice It seems that his strength is also considerable As the voice fell the figure fell in front of Haihua and them only to see a handsome blond man kneeling down on one knee with a bunch of red roses Needless to say it was Solama When Solama was about to kneel and move forward to Yawu's side he suddenly found a row of ninjas with sharp blades between himself and Haihua and his side was full of ninjas staring at him At the same time from somewhere around the courtyard countless heavily armed guards suddenly poured out and all of them rushed towards him in a murderous manner They think I'm an assassin! Solama was not afraid of these people but if he hurt them he would be in trouble so he was in a hurry to explain But before he could explain Haihua calmly waved his hand and said "Stand down" The ninjas and guards like the tide faded away at once See the absolute order of the Demon Emperor to his subordinates and the absolute obedience of the Demon Emperor's subordinates without hesitation and then think about the appearance of his subordinates to himself Solama could not help sighing deeply in his heart He knew that he was no match for the Demon Emperor in any way Demon emperor dare to threaten to unify the world is not arrogant he has this strength ah However Sorama soon recovered from his loss China Chemicals Suppliers and when he rebelled against his mother and escaped from the domain he decided to give up his lordship Anyway as a Lord like a puppet I don't care at all From that day on he knew that his whole mind was completely attracted by Yawuxia and he also knew that as long as he and Xueying held a wedding he would never have to think about Yawuxia That's why he made up his mind to run away After all happiness has to be earned by himself This was the first time he had completely rebelled against his mother and the first time he had acted for his own sake and now he felt the pleasure of controlling his own destiny Because of this as soon as the ninjas and guards retreated Solama as if he had never seen them before said again with a sincere expression on his face "Please marry me" With these words he sent the rose to Yawu with both hands Ya Wu's face has become like ice full of frost with an impatient tone said coldly "You have mistaken me for someone else" Then he closed his mouth tightly unwilling to say another word and turned his head to one side not looking at Solama again Mistaken identity How could I mistake my lover Solama grinned thinking that Yawuxia was still angry that she was going to marry her brother-in-law's wife But he was not worried because he had already explained to Ya Wuxia that he was running away from marriage which showed his intention After the indifferent Yawuxia was angry for a period of time the enthusiastic Yawuxia would surely Animal Extracts come out and meet herself Although the proposal will be successful you have to propose to the indifferent Yawuxia first So that when the wedding is held she will think that she will hold the wedding regardless of her feelings and suddenly come out to make a scene If that's the case it's really not good When Yawu heard Solama's words her face became even colder her eyes were angry and her palms began to gather energy Seeing this Haihua knew that Yawu was already angry He hurriedly stood in front of Yawu and said to Solama with a smile "She is really not Yawuxia" She is Yawu and the one you are looking for is Yaxia He did not stop to explain the cause and effect clearly including Yaxia's expression after she knew that Solama was going to get married and the resulting changes Of course sister Xia sticks to her own things Haihua will not say lest the future brother-in-law see sister Xia After hearing this Solama knelt stiffly He stared at Yawu who kept a cold face and thought "No wonder I feel that the energy of Yawu Xia is stronger than before Why didn't I find that she is an energy body" No wonder she felt colder and less approachable than before But what about the amorous feelings she showed Solama thought of this suddenly remembered that Haihua said that they were separated because of the fusion and that the indifferent Yawuxia would be so charming which must be related to the fusion That is to say that to oneself infatuation invariable fervor elegant fog rosy clouds also was fused into such globalchemmall.com

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