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Along the way, love such as evil spirit do not know what to say, he and Enron are not familiar with each other, although the initial time is intended to become friends, but in the illusion of Senluo and the small match selling girls under the disturbance, became a stranger, or was not allowed to hit the face to leave when said is right, like him such a gentle character of bad people, is not suitable for those two guys together. In fact, love such as evil spirit before is also because mix too bleak and intend to give up the game, and then in reality to find a suitable job, but then very unexpected played a card, coinciding with the system auction, with the idea of luck submitted an application, unexpectedly passed, so play to the present, and then is Su Rin encountered that thing. I followed him into the private room for no reason. Su Rin took the free tea provided by the system from Npc, thanked him with a smile, and then sent him out, "Oh, evil spirit, where is your friend?!" He sat down in a big way and pointed to the sofa opposite, indicating that love was like evil spirit. Break up,Precision steel tubes, "Love said with some frustration," I'm probably really not suitable to be a professional player. The auction room is the price of 15000 gold coins, to him when he met Su Rin in the novice village, he can't even get together a set of novice clothes, but now, he is so poor that he can't afford to buy an ordinary public position, and Su Rin can occupy a room by himself. This is not the first time that he and Senluo have worked together. Although there have been some contradictions between them before, they have never been to the point of breaking up. Perhaps the interests of Fantasy World are too great? So big that a small team like them can't eat at all, so big that they can cooperate with more advanced forces,aluminium coated steel tube, after all-for whom to play equipment is not to play equipment?! However, the equipment explosion rate of "Fantasy World" is pitifully low. He can't meet the needs of the big trade unions in terms of quantity. Without cooperation, there is no high remuneration. He is unwilling to join other people's organizations and be ordered by others, so it becomes a bleak situation today. Eh? That, "Su Rin hesitated," do you want to cooperate with me?! " Smiling, "I opened the first player's shop'Lin Lan 'in Fantasy World. Recently, I have plans to develop sub-shops, but there is a lack of supply. The violent rate of equipment is not a problem. It's up to you where you go. I'll give you a line of shelves. You can set the price of equipment and props by yourself. After selling them, we will divide them into 37%.". How Love such as evil spirit Leng Leng, one is did not expect Lin blue is Su Rin's shop, two, Su Rin's suggestion is also an opportunity for him, "let me." Think about it. I had planned to quit, but suddenly there was a turn for the better, and I couldn't help but waver. Well, cold drawn tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, you can think about it slowly. It doesn't matter how long it takes. If you can't find me, you can go to the Blue Shop in White Tiger City and find the waiter there. He will arrange it for you. Su Lin said with a smile, as if he was sure that love, such as evil spirit, would agree. Men, no one wants a bleak ending. "I-all right." Love such as evil spirit soon gave the answer, yes, he is not reconciled, at first is also a person to come, now he lacks is not the opportunity?! "Good morning, handsome boys and beautiful girls!" The NPC who presided over the auction was a beautiful woman with big eyes and a tall figure. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail, and she was dressed in a fitted cheongsam. She was shrewd and capable in her weakness, but she echoed the atmosphere of the store today. "Welcome all players and NPCs to participate in the first mainland auction of" Fantasy World "!" The beautiful woman's voice was sweet and glutinous, which inadvertently attracted the audience's attention. With the high slit cheongsam on both sides, many werewolves were drooling. In an instant, whistles were heard in the auction room. These people are going to have bad luck soon. Su Lin held his chin and looked outside, muttering in a low voice that the sound insulation facilities in the private room were one-way, the outside could not hear the inside, but the inside could hear the outside, and if you wanted to speak to the outside, you had to use the microphone at hand. "Hm?" Love is like a demon looking out along Su Rin's voice. The private room they are in is a round sphere floating in the air. It looks very small from the outside, but in fact it is very big inside, and it is transparent on all sides. Of course, it can only look inside but not outside. The auction is divided into three sessions, in chronological order: morning session-props; afternoon session-equipment; evening session-trade unions! The beauty host raised her hands and said loudly, because the raised hands could not help but stand up the chest, which easily led to the atmosphere in the field. The definition of props in Fantasy World is very broad. Cloth, leather, minerals, herbs, scrolls, cards, inlaid stones and so on can be classified into this category except for potions and equipment. As far as I know, the Npc of Fantasy World is tough. Su Lin lightly threw out a sentence, the voice did not fall, then saw a lightning and thunder outside, looks very much like the female protection measures of the thunder punishment. I just whistled, and none of them were left behind. Love such as evil spirit Leng Leng looked at the public seat by the system of free "beauty" of a group, can not help laughing up, the haze in the heart of the past few days also dissipated more than half: really, good show funny big hair ah! "Look!"! I knew it. Su Rin's voice is still indifferent, but love, such as evil spirit, is sure that there is a trace of schadenfreude. Ah-ha ha ha! I'm sorry, I was so shy just now that I slipped my hand! The beauty host covered half of her cheek with one hand and held the arm of the other hand in front of her chest with the other hand. Her body was as soft as an earthworm. The high-forked cheongsam twisted with her, revealing her white thighs, which immediately smoothed the anger of the players and led to a "gurgling" sound of swallowing saliva. Su Rin speechless rolled his eyes, this woman, must be intentional! But then, probably because the first thing was presented, the beauty host did not launch the thunder penalty again. "So,stainless steel 304 pipes, first of all, let's take a look at the first item to be auctioned today-the Wind Wolf (King) card." Battle of Qingcheng 64, the girl without a name. cbiesautomotive.com

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