Ultimate Prey

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Ultimate Prey will have players take on the role of "Hunter" or "Prey". The goal is for Prey to elude Hunters. Simply put, it's like an extreme form of tag for adults, with twists, turns, goals, missions and level-ups. You may, also, have a chance to win money by participating in the Hunt. Prize pool money gets split up amongst the last player(s) standing.

During the Hunt, the Prey will be faced with the constant threat of being caught by the Hunters, and eliminated. The Hunters' count will be reduced accordingly, per the number of remaining Prey, or the Hunters will increase, based on varying missions that the Prey must complete. Hunter and Prey are picked through a lottery on the day of the event.

As Prey are captured and eliminated, the remaining pool winnings will increase for the remaining players. There will be a chat group where further rules and missions will be given.

Ultimate Prey's events