Nick Laudani

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Remember back in June of 2020 when the height Covid had most of us scared to death to leave the house. All of a sudden there was music coming from the park. If you looked out your window, or followed your ears, you would have landed on Beech Glen Street,(Fort Hill Roxbury,MA 02119) to a makeshift stage, and some musicians sharing their gift to lift our spirits with the first taste of community since the pandemic struck.

Around the world, people came together in the most creative and peculiar ways, some took to their balconies, windows, and rooftops to sing to one another, to applaud and show gratitude to their health-care workers, and to lift one an other's spirits. In our own backyard, we had Nick Laudani and evolved with fellow friends, and musicians, playing music all summer long, every Sunday night until the sun went down.

Fast forward two summers and a couple long winters and here we are: the bad news is that Covid hasn't left us (and maybe it never will), but the good news is that so isn't Nick (if we can count on your support!) The man behind the music is campaigning to keep the music going every Sunday night at sunset.We love music, and our goal is to enhance the experience for our audience. With your investment, we can turn this into a yearly event, with quality musicians, bringing quality enjoyment on the same platform we have been at since our inception two years ago. Our Fort Hill, neighbors here in Boston, love the music having a chance to come together.

This front end Funding will guarantee 16 live free shows performed out to the park for the enjoyment of all whom want to come. At the end of the season of these shows we will compile and produce a finished Musical recording for download in a digital format or a finished Vinyl recording as well as a you tube Video for watching as well as listening to remember forever this historic moment into posterity.


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