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Have you ever wanted to venture into a new realm of culinary creations, yet were unsure where to start? Do you love to experiment with different recipes, yet do not want to do so by reading from a cookbook or website in isolation? If the answer is yes, Selfup is the ideal choice for you!

Selfup offers a huge variety of cooking classes in the Boston area. All of these classes are headed by a chef or chefs who excel in their particular area of expertise. Instead of teaching yourself at home, you can elect to engage in a Selfup class, where you can learn in an intimate environment where you can personally interact with the chef. This allows the opportunity for learning a new culinary craft while making new friends, as the emphasis here is not only on cooking but on social engagement as well.
Selfup classes are an ideal choice for any activity that is meant to bring people together. This includes everything from birthday parties to a girl’s or boy’s night out to a fun, informative take on the typical date night. You will meet people with the same interests, and cement the social bond by creating amazingly tasty, authentic dishes from scratch underneath the watchful eye of the particular chef in charge.
Selfup classes are ideal because they are individually tailored to what you are looking for. There are classes available that teach children from ages eight and up to create dinner for the family, as well as classes that focus on imparting specific knowledge, such as making fresh pasta, creating delicious Asian dumplings or even learning how to take apart an entire animal to utilize the choicest cuts of meat!
If you are looking to expand your culinary skills while engaging in an exciting, fun-filled social evening, enrolling in a Selfup class is the ideal place to begin!

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