Why add your events to The Boston Calendar?

The Boston Calendar is New England’s most popular event discovery site, visited by thousands of locals and visitors every day. Listing your event also makes it eligible to be listed in TBC’s weekly email newsletter and event roundups. Oh, and creating an account and adding listings to TBC is completely free.

Which events are eligible to be listed?

The Boston Calendar lists events in the Greater Boston area (roughly within the 495 belt) with an emphasis on Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline. Free or inexpensive events (under $50/person) are preferred.

Before you submit an event listing, ask yourself if it’s actually an event. A restaurant or bar open for business isn’t an event. A yoga class that’s offered multiple times per week isn’t an event. Online classes or webinars aren’t events.

A sample of eligible events: Festivals, live music, art exhibits and openings, performing arts, comedy shows, film screenings, brewery and distillery tours, beer and cocktail tastings, theme nights at restaurants, university lectures, free or unique fitness classes (offered less than once per week), tech meetups, cooking classes, nonprofit benefits, trivia nights, community events, kid-friendly events.

A sample of ineligible events: Multiple-week courses, fitness classes offered multiple times per week, restaurant menu updates or drink specials, religious services, events with a very narrow audience (such as students or alumni of one university), online classes or webinars, events linking to affiliate ticketing sites.

Events that don’t meet our standards will be deleted, and users who submit multiple ineligible events will be banned. If you’re not sure if your events are eligible to be listed on TBC, email jim@thebostoncalendar.com.

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