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Russell Orchards
143 Argilla Rd.
Ipswich, MA

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Wine tastings are available Friday thru Sunday from 11-5 PM. Check out a flight of our award-winning fruit wines and hard ciders and learn about the process from our friendly and knowledgeable tasting room staff.

Our spacious tasting room is located right in the main barn where you can ask our knowledgeable staff any questions you may have about our unique farm winery. Flights are available for purchase Friday through Sunday from 11-5.


Open 9-6 Tuesday through Sunday May-October; 9-5 Tuesday through Sunday in November.

About Russell Orchards:

Russell Orchards is a family owned and operated 120-acre fruit farm in Ipswich, MA.

Current Picking Status is found in the Pick-Your-Own box on this webpage. It is updated throughout the day for real-time picking conditions.   

For the Store we are picking field fresh berries and veggies daily. As always, we are stocked up on our own cider and honey, freshly made baked goods and specialty grocery items. 

Our beloved barnyard animals are almost as well-known as our cider donuts. These critters are here for a number of reasons, chiefly for your enjoyment. Some have jobs to do like the chickens and pigs, and some are just for cuteness!. From time to time we acquire a senior citizen from another farm or as a rescue and they go on to live out their days here basking in the attention of thousands of new admirers. We have had quite a menagerie over the years, even peacocks and potbellied pigs. Our animals nowadays are what you might consider the classic barnyard animals, nothing exotic or fancy, just happy to see you.

Bakery Offerings

Our regular daily goodies include dozens of baked delectables, all made from scratch in our farm kitchen. Our fruit pies are handmade using our own flaky, buttery, pie dough recipe and the fruits fresh out of our orchards. Special occasions or family gatherings are made even more memorable with a Russell Orchards pie; you can always order in advance if your heart is set on a particular variety! Seasonal specialties are continually being worked on so that we can incorporate the freshest fruits and veggies right out of the fields. Pestos made with our own herbs, salsas with our own tomatoes and onions, tea breads, fruit butters, and fruit yogurt pops are just some of our unique and high quality bakery products. Whether it's strawberry-rhubarb pie, arugula pesto, or peach salsa, something's always new in the bakery. Cider donuts are made fresh every day, with a new batch prepared as soon as the need arises.

Cider Donuts

The Russell Orchards Bakery has a reputation for quality, wholesomeness, and innovation that we proudly uphold and strive to keep at the forefront of our vision. Without a doubt we are best known for our outstanding cider donuts. Made fresh throughout the day, these crispy little gems have been praised, photographed, adored, written up in countless magazines and newspapers, and sent the world over. Now that we live in a world of tiks, toks, tweets and likes, our donuts are shared by even more followers. The wonderful and unique thing about our cider donuts is that they are still made from scratch using a recipe* that was invented and perfected in our very own farm kitchen. Not only is it rare to find a cider donut made from scratch these days but ours get their incredible rich appley flavor from the cider that is pressed here in our cider mill from the apples grown right in the orchard. Our bakery is situated inside our farm store and people delight in watching the donuts being made right before their eyes. From a special viewing platform, even little guys can witness the donuts as they drop into the fryer, flip and bob their way down to the end of the conveyor. Generations have grown up with the cider donut as a very important part of their childhood, so much so that the first place they want to visit when they return from college is often the orchard - to get a donut!

*No dairy, nuts, or peanut products in the donuts.

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