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Alewife (Cambridge, MA 02140, USA)
Cambridge, MA 02140

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The Mt Tripyramid Loop traverses North Tripyramid (4180′), Middle Tripyramid (4140′), and South Tripyramid mountains (included in the 48 NH 4000foters for those that care), climbing up an avalanche slide on the north side and own another on the south side. It’s one of the harder White Mountain’s hike, with a steep ascent of 1200ft in 0.5 miles. Which means there will be a screening process for those whose Ridj-it profiles are bare. If so then first check in with me in the comments section, listing your previous experience of climbing with exposure, BEFORE signing up for the hike.

This hike will start of easy on the Livermore trail for 3.6 miles until we hit the beast - the North slide. This will be a climb with long stretches of 45 degree slopes on a slab. While hand and foot holds are present any fall will be of high consequence. So you have to have high confidence in your abilities to attempt this trail. Also this trail is a death wish when wet so if there has been a storm or rainfall in the 24 h leading up to or on the day of the hike we will abandon this trail and instead take the Scaur ridge and Pine Bend Brook trail up. However, the North slide will offer plenty of great views every time you stop to recharge which will be a lot. Right at the bottom of the North ridge after we have conquered the beast we shall stop for nourishment and a collective gathering of our lost wits. Also the actual summits are wooded so the best views are from here. once refreshed we will make our way across the wooded summits of North, Middle and South Tripyramid to emerge onto another slide on our way down. However this is not as hairy as the North slide but being steep and gravelly it can be brutal on the knees. So trekking poles are highly recommended for this hike. And again we are in for some great views from the south slide to make up for the effort. Once past the south slide the trail will even out to a 2 mile jaunt back to the parking lot thus completing our trip.

Length: 10.2 miles (some say 12 miles)

Elevation gain: 2903 ft

difficulty: Hard to Frayed nerves


A backpack

Hiking boots or trail runners with god traction (NO SNEAKERS! you will be left behind at Alewife if you come in sneakers. )

Non-cotton layers

Outer shell + hood for the rain/wind

3 liters of water

trekking poles (highly recommended)



Snacks/ lunch

Electrolytes! (highly recommended)

A sunny disposition (MANDATORY)

a map of the trail (mandatory)

first aid (ibuprofen, band aids, compression straps etc)

Masks for social distancing

All Trails: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/new-hampshire/mount-tripyramid-loop-trail?mobileMap=false&ref=sidebar-static-map&ref=sidebar-view-full-map

A happy bunch of people who know what they are getting into and are ready to push themselves physically and psychologically. As always a sunny, dry day with the views stretching beyond the horizons and in our minds into the week that follows. Happy hiking!

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