Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 12:00p -

Boston Common
139 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02111

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Where Has the Human Connection Gone?

I'm looking to make this the biggest event yet. Please commit to joining us for a day of connection and fun. Message me for any questions.

It's Back!!!! I am happy to say that The Liberators have brought back the Global Eye Contact Experience again this year. It was an amazing experience last year and I expect this year to be bigger and better. Last year it started out small but grew as people sat with us, They never wanted to leave so they grabbed a seat and particiapated with us.

I would like to have a few people help get things started again this year. Don't miss this great opportunity, It's fun, touching, connects you to yourself and a greater service to humanity.

Too shy, don't worry you don't have to say a word, come on out and see what it's all about. You will have a ball and leave with a little bit more joy in your heart. Here are the specifics.

Let's share a minute’s eye contact with strangers in public to rebuild our sense of shared humanity in Boston! This is part of “Global Event hosted by @The Liberators International in cities all over the world and your participation will help create a global video message for peace and human connection for years to come.

The idea is simple
1. We will have clear signs that say “Where has the human connection gone? Share 1 minute of eye contact to find out…” (Watch the video pinned to the top of this page to see how it happened last year).
2. Then we sit down on picnic rugs with 2x cushions each and invite members of the public to come and share a moment of eye contact with us. We usually use yoga mats or a blanket.
3. Allow yourself to be seen & calmly look into the eyes of the other person in front of you. When you create a safe environment of acceptance and love, the other will feel connected.
4. Officially Register & Contribute to the Event
Your contribution helps build a better world. By joining the global family of peacemakers you sustain a revolution of worldwide events that promote peace & human connection. Register & contribute here for important event updates → http://bit.ly/OfficialEyeContact2017
5. On the Day
We enjoy the afternoon together then upload the video to The Liberators in Perth Australia where video editors from around the globe will compile the video footage to create an amazing video to be shared all over the world!

Where to meet?
We will meet on Saturday September 23, 2017 @ 11:30 am on the corner of Boylston & Dartmouth St. Boston. We will be next to the Bostix Booth right there on the corner.
What to Bring?
Please come in smart casual clothing with a picnic rug and 2x cushions to be comfortable or just your yoga mat or blanket.

Optional Extras?
Instead of cushions you can bring 2x folding chairs, this makes it easier for the elderly to sit.
Instead of cushions you can bring 2x Hula Hoops, this is great for standing eye contact.

How You Can Help
1. We are currently searching for volunteers to help start the experience off & to help capture on video. So tell us if you’d like to help organize this with us by commenting on the page.
2. Click attending on this event and the global event here http://bit.ly/Eyecontactexperiment2017
3. Invite your interested friends and family to this event and the global event.
4. Share this event on your facebook wall.
5. Watch the original video of the experience here → http://bit.ly/GlobalEyeContactVideo
6. Hashtag photos, videos and updates with #Share1minute #Eyecontact & #Boston
7. Visit www.eyecontactexperiment.com for full details.

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