Saturday, Feb 25, 2017 11:00a -
Sunday, Feb 26, 2017 5:00p

Zone 3
267 Western Ave
Boston, MA 02134

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Made Organics presents The Wellness Weekend Pop-up event intends to merge various elements of the wellness community and create a real time in person collaborative pop-up event, catering to like-minded individuals.

The Wellness Weekend is a fun-filled one-stop shop for handmade and local goods plus food, beverages, beauty products and more. All classes, workshops, and events will focus on healthy living, clean eating, fitness, and fashion for the whole family.

Join a self-care DIY Class…grab a cold-pressed fresh juice or smoothie ( and desserts!) plus there will be of non-toxic, cruelty-free personal care products and apparel to try. And don’t forget to move your body. We will be offering the latest trends in workouts, too!

Wellness Weekend Itinerary

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

Pop-Up Market Open from 11am-6pm


Workshop with Linda Wells: Wellness Warrior Address and Relaxation Demo.


Workshop with Theresa Wiggins from Village Parenting Topic: Intentional Parenting Workshop - Learn and discuss (or just listen to) how your intentions can guide you through many challenging parenting moments!


Workshop with Betty Francisco of Reimagine Play and Women Entrepreneur motivator Topic: The Importance of playing with you children.


Workshop with Bernette Dawson Topic: DIY Body Scrub

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Pop-Up Market Open from 11am-5pm


Introduction to Mindfulness

Everyone experiences stressful days at work, but how we respond to them makes a significant difference in work performance, the quality of our interactions, and how we feel both physically and mentally. Participants will be introduced to a variety of mindfulness practices and will learn how this can help them to respond to stressful situations in a calm, clear, and thoughtful manner. http://cw.uhs.harvard.edu/


Exercise/Yoga at Your Desk

Simple exercises and stretches you can do at your desk to refresh, relax, rejuvenate, stay focused, decrease muscle fatigue, improve posture, and get a good chuckle! http://cw.uhs.harvard.edu/


7 Simple Techniques to Create Your A.W.E.S.O.M.E Life.

She will share with you 7 pillars that will help you unleash the best version of yourself. The pillars are based on the research-proven principles that she discussed in her new book, The Happiness Result. More time, More health, More love, More success. You will come away with a simple yet practical plan to help you take the next best steps towards living an awesome life. http://www.HealthandHappinessSpecialist.com

Who is Made Organics?

Made Organics™ is founded on the belief that if your mom approves, then it must be good. That is the cornerstone of our brand, Mother Approved Daily Essentials™.
With major household personal care brands facing lawsuits due to the negative effects of the chemical ingredients in their products, we see Made Organics as a chemical free solution for many of the personal products you use daily. Made Organics’ handcrafted products are made from organic and ethically sourced ingredients. Our less is more philosophy provides customers with a great personal care experience with an added peace of mind. Made Organics™ believes that what is good for the family is good for the world and that shines through in our product.

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