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We will hike Mount Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts. We will hike one of the easier trails and we will NOT DRIVE to the top of the mountain. Because if you drive, you don't deserve the views. At the top, we will laugh at all those lazy people and their motorized hiking tools.

If time, COVID, and the alignment of stars allow, we can even buy some tasty, tasty beer at the best brewery in the US (Treehouse) on the way back.

The tower on the top of Greylock might be closed.

And the best part? We won't even leave Massachusetts. So if New Hampshire closes the borders and requires 2 weeks of quarantine, we don't mind!

This is my first "adventure" that I'm posting as an adventure spark. I have never hiked/summited Mt. Greylock. This will be my first time. I'm not a hiking/mountaineer pro, just love being active in the outdoors.

Trail: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/massachusetts/mount-greylock-via-bellows-pipe-and-gould-trail

distance: 6.3mi

elevation: 2,329ft


You have hiked a mountain before. Preferably in the northeast. You know how to deal with granite slabs, cold, rain, freezing rain, and blisters. You shall not complain. You shall not ask how much further it is. You shall not say "why are we doing this again? We could have driven up!" You shall be a team player.

We will be hiking at a moderate pace, definitely under 2 miles per hour. So, if you're looking to go as fast as possible or have difficulty staying together as a group, I do not recommend this hike for you.

Additional expectations

1) I am not a guide and this is not a service. We are getting together to hike/have fun/enjoy nature. I expect you to be fully prepared with the gear listed below and the mindset that you could get yourself out of trouble if needed.

2) I hike because I love nature and the outdoors. I stop often to admire/feel my beautiful surroundings. Join me (or don't, but prepare yourself mentally)!

3) We stick together - this is a group event, so if you feel that you are not flexible in working as a team, this will not be a good hike for you.

4) Relax!

5) We will follow COVID guidelines and wear masks during carpool and on the trail when social distancing cannot be maintained. Do not show up if you do not agree to the COVID guidelines.

5) Showing up without registering on Ridj-it with a profile and then actually signing up for the trip is a safety hazard and will get you banned. Do not message me to join in any alternative manner.

Please answer the following questions before/when you join.

1. When was your last hike? How many miles was it? How much elevation gain?

2. What does your weekly exercise routine look like?

3. Do you have all of the gear marked as required below?

Required Gear

1) Hiking boots or trail runners (not regular tennis shoes)

2) 2 - 3 liters of water

3) Enough snacks/food

5) Electronic or physical maps of the hike (as included above) - don't show up without access to a map. Please remember that phone batteries die faster in the cold. Plan accordingly!

Don't show up without a map expecting me to guide you, cause guides cost up to $200.

6) Athletic clothing, no cotton! Think layers.

8) Rain gear

9) Microspikes

10) Headlamp (just in case, you never know)

If you are unsure as to whether this is the right hike for you, please post your question on the Ridj-it wall on the Ridj-it website! Others may have the same question, so you will be doing others a favor by being curious.

After the hike, we will be going out for beer/dinner if time permits. Need to recover some of that energy, and celebrate summiting the majestic Mount Greylock!

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