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Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts
317 North Main Street
Natick, MA 01760

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Saturday, April 15, 2017
“The Heavenly Ancestor Treatment”
10:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Join us as Master Teacher Dennis Willmont, Scholar, Author, and Practitioner of Classical Chinese and Daoist Healing Arts, shares his advanced understanding of Classical Chinese Medicine and the Dàodéjīng as it relates to Psycho-Spiritual Healing.

Designed for Acupuncturists, Asian Bodywork Therapists and Practitioners of Eastern Healing Arts.

6 NCCAOM PDAs per program

This course shows how ancient Daoist mythology uses symbols to convey the deeper level of meaning that the divine is both within and without the human being only waiting to be discovered. In Daoist philosophy, especially in the Dàodéjīng, divinity is closely related to Dào, which is considered to be the Source of All Things. In a parallel way of thinking, the quasi-historical author of the Dàodéjīng (Lǎozi), through which these sacred ideas first came forth in the written word, was considered to be the personification of this Source, or Dào.

In later times, the mythological rendering of Lǎozi’s birth has a direct connection to the energetics of acupuncture, which is further symbolized in the acupuncture pointnames. By comparing and contrasting these particular human energetics with the mythology of Lǎozi, we can easily come to the unavoidable understanding that this aspect of divinity was considered by the ancient Chinese to be cosmologically built into the human system waiting for further discovery.

In this course, we will explore both the mythology and energetics of this possibility through our examination of the pointnames of the relevant acupuncture points. You will be shown how these points can be organized into an acupuncture or acupressure treatment.

You will then have the opportunity to practice this treatment on each other with a specific acupressure protocol, and then discuss the results. This approach will give you the opportunity to see for yourself how this greater perspective was built into the Classical Chinese acupuncture system, and that Healing with acupressure, acupuncture, and medical qi-going profession has the potential to go far beyond anything we could have previously imagined!

Just how far that is will depend on you and your continued practice and cultivation.

Event Location:
Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts
317 North Main Street, Natick, MA 01760

This course is part of the Psycho-Spiritual Healing Series. Classes can be taken as a stand alone class, or as part of the series. Every class is approved for 6 NCCAOM PDAs. Schedule below.

“The Heavenly Ancestor Treatment”
4-15-17: Psycho-Spiritual Healing in Classical Chinese Medicine

“The Great One Treatment”
6-3-17: Psycho-Spiritual Healing in Classical Chinese Medicine

“The Big Bell Treatment”
6-4-17: Psycho-Spiritual Healing in Classical Chinese Medicine

“Daoist Psychology”
9-10-17: Psycho-Spiritual Healing in Classical Chinese Medicine

20 participants per class, register early to reserve your space!


$180 per class for professionals
$162 per class for AOBTA members (see details below)
$144 per class for recent graduates (see details below)
$135 per class for students (see details below)

$600 for all four programs = $150 per program
*Students enrolled in the monthly payment program enter code "DW-PSHS"

$75 per class for event volunteers! (inquire for details)

Supportive Discount Codes: See note below*.
10% AOBTA Members "AOBTA"
20% Recent Graduates (less than 1 year) "Graduate"
25% Students "Students"

Dennis Willmont, Lic.Ac., Author, Acupuncture and Shiatsu Practitioner, Chinese Herbalist, Essential Oils, Macrobiotic and Way of Life Counselor

The Dàodéjīng is a classic Chinese text that has been a source of inspiration for Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, artists, poets and healers alike.

Author, Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Dennis brings more than 40 years of experience to this subject matter, having practiced Shiatsu, Acupressure, Taijiquan, and Daoist meditation since 1971 and Acupuncture since 1976, graduating from the first class at New England School of Acupuncture (NESA).

A true pioneer, in the 1970’s, Dennis created and taught the first 500-hour program in Shiatsu/Acupressure in North America, before there was the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia* (AOBTA), for which he is now a Certified Instructor and Honorary Member.

In an attempt to share his vast knowledge with colleagues and interested students, Dennis has written eight books on acupuncture and natural healing, several of which are used as textbooks in educational institutions. Currently Dennis is working on completing two 500+ page books on the Dàodéjīng and how it relates to the practice of acupuncture.

He currently maintains a practice in acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Whole Foods Dietary Practice, and Essential Oils in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Dennis has also studied Yang style Taijiquan with Yang Jwing-ming in Boston where he has earned the rank of assistant instructor as well as Xingyi, and Baguquan with Liang Shouyu. His books are used by acupuncturists, teachers, and acupuncture schools around the world.

End Note: the AOBTA is launching a fundraising campaign. EMTEC will match any program participant waved discount to contribute to this fundraiser. Inquire for details.

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