Sunday, Apr 26, 2020 8:00p -

Burns Hall, New England Conservatory
255 St Botolph St
Boston, MA 02115

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Project Unlock:
Project Unlock is a cross-genre concert on April 26th in Burns Hall, New England Conservatory, It is a cross-cultural project that evolved from a core idea of mine, that most of the music around the world is locked away out of reach. As a composer and a performer, I believe I can uncover these music. Combining a fusion musical style and the judicious use of music technology, visual art, and projection mapping.

About Ye Huang:
Ye Huang is a Chinese born clarinetist, saxophonist, and composer who performs music across a broad spectrum of genres. He’s toured with musical luminaries such as Wynton Marsalis, Mike Stern, Dave Weckl, Arturo Sandoval, Eddie Daniels, and many more. He is a Backun Clarinet sponsored artist.

This project sprung from my upcoming album entitled “Unlock”, which features 5 different bands, it has 10 songs employing a variety of musical styles taking from different regions of the world, such as South America, Middle East, and East Asia. It will be released at one of the concerts from the “Project Unlock” concert series.
The other focus of the project is to connect music, art, and technology. The concert will showcase both the works of musical and digital artists. There will also be lighting installations that will have an interactive element to them.

Project Description:
The goal of this project is to bring the world closer to music and art, as well as to create new forms of experience for the audience. The first will be the multi-sensory experience of the new music, combined with eye-catching visuals merged with fusion music, in the hope of sparking new ideas and bring people together. I believe the visual effects coupled with the music will take the sensory experience to a whole new level for both performer and audience. Promotional efforts will focus on this aspect.

Project Unlock will feature more than 30 people from different artistic fields, and is a collaboration with the New England Conservatory and the Berklee School of Music. We will also be looking to collaborate with unique local F&B companies to cater the receptions. As well as local and national level organizations that share the same interest in connecting music and art.

The concert will consist of entirely new music composed by myself and other composers. We will be presenting the unfamiliar sounds from different regions of the world through our compositions.
We will augment this “new” music with digital instruments. As well as improvise music via sound- triggered projection-mapping technology.

I am determined to make this project happen because I have a passion for creating thought provoking new music that brings people together. My hope is to have budding musicians and artists in the audience as well as people who just love art to help inspire them to create and innovate in anything they are passionate about. Through the merging and reflection of various traditional musical and cultural backgrounds, something inspired and meaningful will be born.

There will be pre-concert light installation for entertainment, as well as a small gallery outside the concert hall. It will present both visual art and digital arts by our project artists.
There will be a 15 minutes intermission, a great time for purchasing our Merch and Newest released CD.
There will also be post-concert reception, delicious food and drink will be served.

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