Monday, Jan 08, 2018 6:00p -

Impact Hub Boston
50 Milk Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02109

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We open our space the first Monday night of each month for you to join forces with other social impact movers and shakers to make Boston better! You can come jump in on a project, or bring a social impact project of your own.

Come host small events, co-work, network, trade skills and get involved!
At Open Project Night you can:

Network with local people who share an interest in a better Boston, Cambridge, and beyond. Imagine together, share opportunities to get involved, and trade skills.
Work on existing local project ideas or come to work on your own (white boards provided, laptops are not).

Host your event or meeting in one of our meeting spaces (fit 4-6 comfortably), as long as you're open to others joining you!

What kind of projects are we talking about? We're still solidifying our roster of projects for January 8, and we'll update them here as they're confirmed! In the mean time, take a look at past projects below to get a sense of what to expect...

Previously at Open Project Night, we've had these groups and events:
Interested in the intersection of behavioral economics, design, and psychology for advocacy and positive change? Join Nick Di Stefano with Action Design Boston to learn more about the field, and discuss current projects and ideas. This is an opportunity for practitioners and those interested in networking.

Interested in hearing about new mission driven startup ideas local to the Boston Community, and offering feedback? Join Leonard Tshitenge in learning about A Voice For Dads, a passion of Leonard's in empowering Boston low income neighborhood dads by providing resources, a safe space and an outreach Van.

Racism and White Supremacy did not begin with Trump, nor will it end with Trump. Join Boston Knapsack Anti-Racism Group for a group discussion on Racism Beyond Trump and about the four types of racism: Individual, Interpersonal, Institutional and Structural.

The DIY Data Art project uses technology, innovation, and art to address racial injustices, economic equality, and the ‘value gap’ in local Boston communities in a personalized way. The project aims to equip youth of color with the data literacy skills to navigate the world around them and better understand data and the technologies that they use in their everyday lives

Learn to use and edit the largest collaborative mapping project in the world with Open Street Map Boston, and make Boston better by providing access to local spatial location data. (BYOLaptop!)

Join Buzzing Barriers to share your story by creating mixed media art, and learn about using visual storytelling to help cultivate compassion and support local social justice nonprofits.

A Boston OpenIDEO chapter meetup about Circular Design, where you can learn how to apply principles of Circular Design to design products that don't generate waste.

A Know Your Rights learning community segment focused this month on Immigration, with Impact Hub Boston members working in immigration law and community organizing.

A rapid prototyping design session for a digital tool that will promote a community of young women interested in running for political office, with the IGNITE nonprofit and Jessica Weaver.

Taking local refugee support actions with the Cambridge Support for Syrian Refugees group

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