Sunday, Feb 25, 2018 10:00a -

Dance Complex Studio#2
536 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Metamovements Latin Dance Company continues with its monthly workshops at the Dance Complex on Sunday February 25th in Studio #2! Pre-register here: http://metamovements.wixsite.com/class/cubanizate

Regardless of your style, everything you will learn in these workshops can be integrated into your dance! Our monthly workshops are led by Anara Frank and Eli Pabon are open to all ages and all dance levels (previous experience not required and no partners required). Choose to participate in one or all of the workshops! Package deal available to those who pre-register to join us for all three workshops!

February 25th Schedule (Studio #2):
10 - 11:15 am - Cuban Contemporary Technique
11:15am - 12pm - Turning & Spinning Technique
12pm-12:30pm: Cultural Connections info session
12:30 -1:15pm - Cuban Body Movement

LEVELS: Workshops with Anara are designed for experienced dancers from one or more of the following genres (contemporary, salsa, casino, latin, jazz, afro-caribbean) to bring new inspiration and professional development through new techniques, exercises and movements. Lady has designed a special section for people who are beginners or are newer to the dance style, and like to learn in a fun environment with personal attention.

Drop in prices available:
$15 for the 1st workshop
$12 each additional workshop

Full package deal available:
$30 pre-registration for all three workshops

Anara is a Boston native, but has spent almost as much time in Cuba—visiting since she was a child, and receiving much of her dance education there. Her training & certifications include many styles of Latin Dance, Contemporary Dance & Acro/Gymnastics, as well as fusion work in these and other genres. With over 25 years experience, she is the founder of the MetaMovements Artist Collective, and is recognized for her expertise in developing artists—taking them up the ladder of success in their chosen styles and focus areas. She has taught in the U.S., Europe, Asia & the Caribbean, and is known for her ability to help dancers of every level achieve their goals. Her work is continuously inspired by MetaMovements Dance Trips to Cuba, and her on-going collaborations with artists & educators on the island.

Lady (aka Eli), an Artist Collective Member of MetaMovements, is a multi-talented Dancer, Singer, Lyricist, Instructor/Educator and Percussionist. Born and raised in Boston to a family of performers and educators she grew up learning the importance of music and dance in health, education and community building. She learned to play percussion instruments, sing and dance Bomba, Plena, Hip Hop and Salsa, amongst other traditional, folkloric and modern genres from a young age. Today, she shares her experiences and love through teaching dance, percussion and song to others, as well as performing and producing arts programming and events locally, nationally and internationally. Throughout the years she has developed varying strategies for student engagement based on age, level and environment. At present she is the Manager of Arts & Education for MetaMovements coordinating events, classes and workshops in the Greater Boston area.

Together with support from a team of fierce artists entrepreneurs, Anara and Lady combine their efforts to lead Cubanizate!, a one-of-a-kind program in which dancers from Cuba & the US train simultaneously-- opening the doors for cultural exchange and community-building across borders in a way that’s never happened before. As part of this program, students and instructors in both countries share their knowledge and culture, providing exceptional learning opportunities for all involved. These workshops at the Dance Complex are an extension of Cubanizate!

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