Saturday, Sep 26, 2020 4:00p -

Nubian Square
Malcolm X & Guild Row
Boston, MA

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Drop the Charges on The Denver Anti-Racists!
Jail ALL Killer Cops!
Justice for Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, & All Victims of Police Terror!
On September 23rd a grand jury indicted one of the three cops involved in the “no knock search warrant” that ended 26-year-old EMT Breonna Taylor’s life. One of the cops who killed Breonna and walked away scotch free, Sergeant Mattingly, responded to the recent grand jury indictment saying: “Regardless of the outcome...I know we did the legal, moral and ethical thing that night. It’s sad how the good guys are demonized, and the criminals are canonized.” The situation is the exact opposite. The police are the only criminals here! Jail the killer cops! Breonna Taylor’s life mattered and the entire US judicial system has revealed itself again to not be a neutral body but a tool of racist oppression.
We rise in solidarity with the family of Breonna Taylor, and the people rising up in the streets of Louisville denouncing the grand jury’s non-indictment of the officers who murdered Breonna Taylor in her sleep and calling for real justice and accountability.
On Sept. 17, Lillian House, Joel Northam, Eliza Lucero and Russell Ruch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation and Terrance Roberts, co-founder of the Frontline Party for Revolutionary Action as well as others were arrested and charged with multiple serious felony charges and many misdemeanors including the bizarre and ludicrous charge of “kidnapping,” all because they have organized large Black Lives Matter protests. These organizers now face over 30 bogus charges and potentially decades in prison.
The anti-racist protesters were charged by 17th District Attorney Dave Young. Dave Young is the same district attorney who decided not to bring ANY criminal charges against the three Aurora police officers who brutally assaulted and murdered Elijah McClain in August 2019 and then mocked Elijah’s death at his memorial sight.
As recently as June of this year Dave Young defended his decision not to prosecute the killer cops responsible for murdering Elijah. Young stated that there was no evidence that officers Nathan Woodyard, Randy Roedema, and Jason Rosenblatt had committed homicide despite the Aurora Police Department body camera footage capturing audio of the three cops assaulting Elijah McClain until he begged for his life, stating that he couldn't breathe and vomiting from the injuries he sustained from the brutal attack. Dave Young would rather bring ridiculous and unjust charges with no basis in reality against anti-racist organizers who are only guilty of exposing the vicious, racist, nature of APD. It is clear that this is a retaliatory political attack against the anti-racist organizers and the whole Black Lives Matter movement for exposing the corruption, racism, and cruelty of the police and the entire criminal justice system.
We are mounting a vigorous political and legal effort demanding that this frame up be stopped and that all charges be dropped. This attack on the Denver anti-racist movement, the PSL and the Black Lives Matter movement, is also a part of a concerted nation-wide assault against people engaged in massive protests demanding an end to police violence. The Trump administration, mayors and local police chiefs have been working all over the country to suppress this historic movement that seeks far reaching change and demands accountability from violent police officers.
We are not afraid! We have the power of the people and justice on our side! Stand up, fight back! Drop the charges now!
We understand that this can happen to any protester, who has used their voice to mobilize in the mass movement against racism in every single corner of the United States. We stand united against this attack on civil liberties and the ongoing movement for Black Lives.
Free the anti-racist organizers from jail immediately!
Drop all the charges!
Stop the assault on the movement and on free speech!
Sign the Petition demanding the charges be dropped: www.pslweb.org/dropthecharges
Sign on to endorse our demands declare solidarity this campaign:

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