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Wellington(Revere Beach Pkwy, Medford, MA 02155, USA)
Revere Beach Pkwy, MA 02155

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Length: 8 miles; 4 is road walking

Elevation gain: 1,800 ft (1,400 from actual trail; 400 from road walk)

Map: https://www.gaiagps.com/map/?loc=13.7/-71.2808/44.0440&pubLink=bJxdzyCtvTJQTR9gbJP0xTVb&trackId=328bd68df25c6ca318a22046196b094c25b07a65


Table Mountain is on the 52 With A View list; this means you're guaranteed some stellar views if it ain't cloudy, etc. This is number...48 or so, for me. It's a random mountain I haven't been able to get to, so I'm looking forward to enjoying it with you. This mountain is generally a short out-and-back of 4 miles in the other season since you can drive to the trailhead. However, Bear Notch Road famously closes during the winter, so we're going to enjoy a nice winter jaunt on the way up.

The road walk is 2 miles with a 400 ft elevation gain (easy). From there, expect 1,400 ft elevation gain for the next 2 miles, and then a similar descent will greet you on the way down. We should be set with microspikes in terms of traction.

Expect to head out to a restaurant afterwards to eat since it's a long drive there and back.

You should join this trip if...

1) You have recent hiking experience in the White Mountains or Adirondacks; please, if you've never hiked before in either of those ranges, do not join. And by hike, I mean at least 1,500 ft elevation gain and 5 miles. This is not an introductory hike; do not treat it as such.

2) You have taken a winter hiking class

3) You have all of the mandatory gear listed below

4) You understand that the difficulty is listed as "difficult" for those who do not go hiking often in winter. However, for those that hike often and in winter, this hike would be easy.

5) 1.5 mph average pace does not seem killer to you

Additional expectations

1) I am not a guide and this is not a service - I expect you to be fully prepared with the gear listed below and the mindset that you could get yourself out of trouble if needed.

2) We stick together - this is a group event, so if you feel that you are not flexible in working as a team, this will not be a good hike for you.

3) You can be turned away from carpool or the trailhead if you look/seem unprepared.

4) You need to be vaccinated and have your booster. Not accepting anti-science folks.

5) Showing up without registering on Ridj-it with a profile and then actually signing up for the trip is a safety hazard and will get you banned. Do not message to join in any alternative manner.

6) Don't make must-attend plans for after the adventure; nobody will be rushing back to Boston.

Please answer the following questions before/when you join unless your Ridj-it profile is amazing

1. When were your last three hikes? How many miles were they? How much elevation gain?

2. What does your weekly exercise routine look like?

3. Do you have all of the gear marked as required below?

Gear (this is expected to change depending on the forecast. Spring weather is extremely variable)

1) Hiking shoes

2) Microspikes (depending on trail conditions)

3) Gaiters (mostly for mud. It's mud season)

Non-cotton layers

4) Hat

5) Gloves

6) Headlamp

7) 2 liters of water or water treatment method

8) Snacks and lunch

9) Extra clothing to change into after (mandatory, your clothes will get wet during this hike especially during shoulder season)

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