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Wellington(Revere Beach Pkwy, Medford, MA 02155, USA)
Wellington Revere Beach Pkwy
Medford, MA 02155

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This is going to be a great hike because we will keep an open mind about changing routes if necessary to avoid dangerous weather and conditions. Please do not sign up for this hike if you are not flexible in making last-minute decisions including potentially hiking other near-by Presidentials.

So, you must have a bunch of experience to join this hike. Don't make it your first winter hike - it's Washington. I've summited it a couple times but never in winter. We will be taking a somewhat steep route but not necessarily technical like Lion's Head. 4,000 feet elevation gain - think about it. Please read more below and answer questions before signing up.

Length: 9 miles

Elevation gain: 4,000 miles

Route: Here - Specifically up Ammonoosuc Ravine Trailhead then Crawford up to Washington, back down the same way, hit Monroe, and right back down Ammonoosuc. However, we will keep an open mind and, if weather looks awful, NOT summit Washington. Other options include hitting Monroe and Eisenhower with a 2.5 mile road walk back to the cars. Keep an open mind if you sign up for this hike.

You should join this trip if...

1) You have recent winter hiking (meaning in this past month and beyond) experience in the 4,000 footers of NH or ADK

2) You have taken a winter hiking class

3) You have all of the mandatory gear listed below

4) You understand that the difficulty is listed as "difficult" for those who exercise aerobically regularly. If you are a frequent hiker like me, this will still be difficult because of potential weather. Many emergency calls to SAR happen on Franconia Ridge; do not attempt if you do not have experience with windy, sometimes whiteout conditions.

5) 1.8 mph average pace does not seem killer to you

6) High wind doesn't bother you. I can put up with sustained 50 - 60 MPH wind, but gusts are something we'd have to consider.

Additional expectations

1) I am not a guide and this is not a service - I expect you to be fully prepared with the gear listed below and the mindset that you could get yourself out of trouble if needed.

2) We stick together - this is a group event, so if you feel that you are not flexible in working as a team, this will not be a good hike for you.

3) You can be turned away from carpool or the trailhead if you look/seem unprepared.

4) We will follow COVID guidelines and wear masks during carpool and on the trail when social distancing cannot be maintained. Do not show up if you do not agree to the COVID guidelines.

5) Showing up without registering on Ridj-it with a profile and then actually signing up for the trip is a safety hazard and will get you banned. Do not message to join in any alternative manner.

Please answer the following questions before/when you join unless your Ridj-it profile is amazing

1. When were your last three hikes? How many miles were they? How much elevation gain?

2. What does your weekly exercise routine look like?

3. Do you have all of the gear marked as required below?

Mandatory gear (yes, mandatory)

1) Waterproof winter hiking boots (no trail runners or summer hiking boots)

2) Microspikes; I will have HillSound crampons, so if you have something bigger than Micros, I suggest it. Absolutely no tiny studs or anything that does not have multiple sharp pointed edges.

3) Gaiters

4) Waterproof and windproof shells for core and pants

5) Layered clothing system; no cotton

6) Insulated jacket (puffy - down or synthetic)

7) Hat

8) Winter Gloves

9) Headlamp (days are much shorter)

10) 2-3 liters of water or water treatment method

11) Snacks and lunch ~3000 calories.

12) Extra clothing to change into after (mandatory, your clothes will get wet during this hike)

13) Map: https://www.gaiagps.com/map/?loc=14.1/-71.3387/44.2642&pubLink=dQe0CrvvT7hGcJP6gyopNKwh&trackId=efc5b093-9fa2-4272-bc54-324e3869fd82

14. Snowshoes might be listed as mandatory - stay tuned

15. Ski goggles or sunglasses that will not fog up

16. Electrolytes

If you are traveling from Massachusetts, please be aware of the State’s guidelines for travel outside of the State. You are expected to abide by these guidelines and assume all responsibility for non-

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