Friday, Sep 24, 2021 3:00p -
Sunday, Sep 26, 2021 3:00p

Sullivan Square(Medford Street / The Neck, Boston, MA, USA)
Sullivan Square(Medford Street / The Neck, Boston, MA, USA)
Medford, MA 02155

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Please read the description of this hike. This hike is difficult with scrambling, large boulders, and a good amount of time exposed above treeline. Weather in September can be variable so be prepared for any kind of conditions. Comment below if you're interested in signing up for this hike and answer the following questions. If you already received confirmation from me on Meetup, see you've done a 4,000 footer or been on a hike with me, you don't have to answer these questions . If you don't answer the questions and sign up, I'll be contacting you to ensure you can do this hike safely.

1. Do you have any recent hiking experience with at least 2,500 ft. of elevation gain or planning to any before this hike? List them below

2. Do you have the required gear for this adventure (listed in the event description)?


We’ll be bagging two 4,000 footers in the Adirondack’s High Peaks Region, Dial and Nippletop Mountains (4,020 ft. and 4,620 ft. respectively). Both Dial and Nippletop offer incredible views of the Great Range, Colvin and Blake Mountains. We’ll be doing a long road walk via the Ausable Club and Lake Rds. before heading up via Elk Pass to Nippletop followed by Dial Mountain. We’ll descend via the Leach Trail back to the road and parking lot. The plan is to camp at Magic Pines Campground Friday and Saturday night and hike Dial/Nippletop Saturday. The plan is open for Sunday; another short hike, paddling or chill time before heading back.

GPS Map (You must study the route and either have a physical map or have a map downloaded to your phone. You shouldn't have to rely on me to know where we are on the trail):

AllTrails: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/new-york/bear-den-trail-to-dial-mountain-and-nippletop?mobileMap=false&ref=sidebar-static-map

Other resource relating to this hike:



Difficulty: 7/10. This is a long hike, clocking in at about 13 miles and over 4,000 ft. of elevation gain. The first 4 miles is very easy with gradual elevation gain along a road and the Gil Brook Trail until you reach Elk Pass Trail. After the junction, the trail gets very steep, requiring non-technical scrambling over boulders as you reach towards treeline up until you reach the summit of Nippletop on the Leach Trail. The section after Nippletop is rough. You'll be reaching several false summits along the way with constant up/down grades on the trail on the Bear Den Ridge up to the summit. Even after the summit, they'll be more up/down grades as you ascend the shoulder of Noonmark Mountain which can be tiring. After this section, the trail descends back towards the road and the rest of the hike is straightforward.

Hike summary;

Total distance of hike: 13 miles

Elevation gain: 4,100 ft.

Route type: Loop (Counter-clockwise)

Reservations have already been made for the weekend. We'll be camping at Magic Pines Campground. Costs will be split among the group.

Click here see the required camping/backpacking gear for this adventure. This spreadsheet can be downloaded. Some of the gear can be consolidated, which will be communicated as a group as the trip gets closer.

What to bring for hiking:

Waterproof hiking boots

Non-cotton layers


2-3 liters of water (water can be refilled at huts along the traverse)

Snacks and lunch. You will be burning a lot of energy!

Positive attitude

If you have questions, feel free to comment below or use the Ridj-it chat and I will respond as soon as possible! Thank you for being a team player and looking forward to a great adventure!

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