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Going Deep -- with Maybelle Rowntree
Saturday, December 14th (1:00 – 3:00 p.m.)

This workshop will explore the blending of stretch (organic energy) and strength (muscular energy), in the process debunking the misunderstanding of extreme flexibility as a necessary ingredient in asana practice. We will examine the subtle energy of “paired actions” in all of our yoga shapes and how these actions in our limbs can enhance core strength and stability, which is one of the keys to longevity as a yoga practitioner. We will endeavor to understand yoga’s proper place in the context of each of our lives, knowing that God did not create us for yoga but, rather, He/She created yoga for us as one of the wonderful tools provided for our well-being.

About Maybelle Rowntree

Maybelle has been dancing since she was three. She became seriously involved with dance, specifically classical ballet, in 1967 at the Boston Conservatory of Music. Between 1970 and 1984 Maybelle apprenticed with New England Dance Theater, was a demi-soloist with Boston Repertory Ballet and Bay State Ballet, and made guest appearances with New England Dinosaur and Concert Dance Company. She spent a summer with the Boston Ballet, which was quite thrilling even back then! Additionally, Maybelle also taught beginner, elementary, and intermediate ballet classes. Teaching is where Maybelle’s heart is. It was the movement, not the performing, that captured her even back then.

With the birth of Maybelle’s daughter in 1984, she morphed into fitness. Aerobic dance and weight training became her passion. She ended up teaching at the Squash Club (now Boston Sports Club) in Allston. There she developed a class called Ballet for Athletes, as well as teaching group aerobic classes and personal training.

Maybelle continued in fitness until 2000, when she became interested in Pilates, which she studied Pilates until 2003 and incorporated into her teaching style. She opened her own personal training studio that same year and still spends the majority of her teaching time there.

Not long after discovering Pilates, yoga flowed into Maybelle’s life and finally formed the style she teaches today. Maybelle blends into asana ballet's unified flowing dance movements and attention to detail and alignment with the athleticism of fitness and with Pilates’ emphasis on the core. I call the synergy of all of these elements Triune: the unity of spirit, soul, and body. This is not just what Maybelle does, it's who she is.

Sign up today; there is a 20 person maximum capacity for this workshop!

Pre-requisite: must have attended at least 20 yoga classes.

Cost: $40

All workshops are non-refundable.

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