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at The Lilypad, Cambridge


Kelly Bray is beyond an up-and-coming creative trumpeter from Boston, she’s a new young leader in improvised music and Free-Jazz and called by many others to be a part of their explorations She pushes the envelope of Jazz, and actually more clearly, merges seamlessly, the Free with New Music


And the lineup is a who’s who of young musicians from Boston, who are experimentalists, enthusiasts, and ready to impact the music you and I wonder about, seek, and meant to be felt…


Kelly Bray, trumpet

Brittany Karlson, bass

Jacob Hiser, piano

Marie Carroll, Koto

John Dalton, drums


Kelly Bray is beyond an up-and-coming creative trumpeter from Boston, she’s a new young leader in improvised music and Free-Jazz and called by many others to be a part of their explorations. 

Kelly, a composer, improvisor, and educator based in Boston, her work explores the intersections of many styles and genres pulling inspiration from avant garde, free jazz, noise, and electro-acoustic music. She has performed in many venues across the Northeast, performing with musicians such as Joe Morris, Brandon Lopez, Dan O'Brien, and most recently appeared in the free jazz-noise group, Art Heist, which features fellow members saxophonist James McCain, bassist Caleb Duval, and drummer James Paul Nadien. A graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, Kelly has studied composition and improvisation with Anthony Coleman and Joe Morris, as well as classical trumpet with Steve Emery and jazz trumpet with John McNeil. Kelly also holds a duel Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance and Music Education from the University of Massachusetts Lowell






Ms. Bray in a Quartet at the Lilypad with trumpeter

Forbes Graham



In addition to numerous professional performances with wedding bands, pit orchestras, and jazz combosKelly has also recorded and performed as a member of the DIY band Nervous., whose debut album released in 2019 amassed over 80,000 streams on Spotify.

This Music/TM Series:

This Music (TM) Series is a Boston musician’s initiative to recognize the creativity of many who haven’t been given the stage as leaders, often younger than the Jazz scene veterans; those with acknowledgement who can create a new project and musical ideas; and the unsung “gems” who aren’t in the public’ eye and deserve to be. The emphasis is on the freer forms, the adventurous (to help find a “home”).


Brittany Karlson, bass

Brittany, no novice though perhaps unknown to some listeners, she is beyond an up-and-coming creative bassist from Boston. She’s a new young leader in improvised music and Free-Jazz and called by many others to be a part of their explorations.

The improv of Brittany Karlson defies easy mainstream labeling because it includes influences from the pure forms of avantgarde; yet part of Jazz's modern expansion. She also is a Puppeteer, vocalist and performs with folk musicians to influence her outlook . She is a member of The Goodbye Girls, a quartet that explores traditional bluegrass and Swedish traditional music.

A bassist with roots in jazz, folk, and experimental music. Karlson works in freely improvised settings, ranging from solo bass to duos with bassist Ian Kovac to collaborations with musicians like Sam Lisabeth, Jesse Collins, Nick Neuberg, Matt Delligatti, and Jeb Bishop. As a leader and composer, Brittany combines folk-like melodies and improvising impulses in her freely lyrical song project Karl

Jacob Hiser is a versatile pianist and violinist who performs and studies a variety of musical traditions. Born and raised in southern Missouri, he grew up playing bluegrass, blues, and classical music, eventually discovering jazz as a teenager. He attended Missouri State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies. In 2014, he moved to Boston to attend New England Conservatory's Contemporary Improvisation program, completing his master's in 2016. While there, he studied with Ran Blake, Bruce Brubaker, Joe Morris, and Frank Carlberg, and performed in ensembles and concerts coached/directed by John Zorn, Jason Moran, Tanya Kalmonovitch, Anthony Coleman, and Simon Carrington. 


marie carroll is an american composer-improviser, electroacoustic musician, cellist, and koto player. her work is influenced by natural phenomena and explores themes of liminality and transience. she also enjoys using analog synthesizers and effects units.

in 2019, marie composed a live score for solo cello and electronics for a production of Sophocles’ Electra, which she performed on tour in Boston, Berlin, London, and Istanbul. the production earned a five-star review from London Pub Theaters, which described the score as “incredibly effective.”

in 2020, marie co-founded a student record label as part of New England Conservatory’s NOVA Fellowship and established NEC’s first electroacoustic festival, Plugged In.

in 2021, marie participated in Longy’s Divergent Studio and International Contemporary Ensemble’s program Ensemble Evolution. .

John Dalton is a Boston based musician, composer, and educator. As a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, he received a diverse musical education, especially in his studies with Chris Poudrier and Jim Robitaille. while there, he developed fluency in a variety of styles as both an improvising musician and composer. As a performer, John has been featured in a variety of settings, and both a sideman and leader.

He has performed or shared the bill with artists such as Jim Robitaille, Jing Wang, Dino Govoni, Amanda Monaco, Barry Altschul, Ricky Ford, Jerome Harris, Stefano Battaglia, Kaya Meller, Kamil Piotrowicz, Anastassiya Petrova, and Royal Hartigan.  John also leads the group Spheres of influence, which is a modular ensemble that performs original compositions, standards, as well as arrangements of well known repertoire. The group size is flexible, but it is most often operates as a trio, quartet, or quintet.

Music instructor at Bosse school of Music and Morningside Music Studio

Jon Garelick, Boston Globe

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