Saturday, Jan 03, 2015 8:00p -
Tuesday, Jan 06, 2015 10:00p

Boston Playwrights' Theatre
949 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215

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The One-Minute Play Festival (1MPF), Boston Public Works, and Boston Playwrights’ Theatre (BPT) present THE 4TH ANNUAL BOSTON ONE-MINUTE PLAY FESTIVAL.

The One-­Minute Play Festival (#1MPF) is an NYC-based theatre company, founded by producing artistic director Dominic D’Andrea, and is America’s largest and longest running short form theatre company.

#1MPF is a barometer project, which investigates the zeitgeist of different communities through dialogue and consensus building sessions and a performance of many moments. #1MPF works in partnership with theatres sharing playwright or community-specific missions across the country. #1MPF creates locally sourced playwright-focused community events, with the goal of promoting the spirit of radical inclusion by representing local cultures of playwrights of different age, gender, race, cultures, and points of career. The work attempts to reflect the theatrical landscape of local artistic communities by creating a dialogue between the collective conscious and the individual voice.

In each city, #1MPF works with partnering organizations to identify programs or initiatives in each community to support with the proceeds from the work. The goal is to find ways give directly back to the artists in each community. Supported programs have ranged from educational programming, youth poetry projects, teaching artists working in prisons, playwright residencies and memberships, and community arts workshops.

Series A
Saturday, January 3rd & Sunday, January 4th: 8:00 p.m.

Plays by:
Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Eleanor Burgess, Stephen Faria, Peter Floyd, Obehi Janice, Lesley Anne Moreau, Cecelia Raker, David Valdes Greenwood, James Ferguson, Jess Foster, Kirsten Greenidge, Lenelle Moise, Payne Ratner, A. Vincent Ularich, Cliff Odle, Michael Bradford, Shari D. Frost, John Greiner-Ferris, Colleen Hughes, Donna Sorbello, Laura Neubauer, Cassie M Seinuk, Pat Gabridge, Deirdre Girard, Terrence Kidd, Matt Mayerchak, Pete Riesenberg, John Shea, Cliff Blake, Kevin Kordis, Walt McGough, Jack Neary, Lindsay Soson, Christopher Lockheardt, Milourdes (Mimi) Augustin, Ginger Lazarus,
Nina Louise Morrison

Directed by:
Anna Tractman, Brian Moyer, Cait Robinson, Danielle Leeber, David Marino, James Peter Sotis, Stephen Faria
Series B
Monday, January 5th & Tuesday, January 6th: 8:00 p.m.

Plays by:
Liana Asim, Thom Dunn, Peter Floyd, Deirdre Girard, Obehi Janice, Adara Meyers, MWALIM*7, Dan Hunter, Kevin Kordis, Kevin Mullins, Karmo Sanders, Cassie M Seinuk, Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro, Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Steven Bogart, Ginger Lazarus, Matt Mayerchak, Adara Meyers, Nina Louise Morrison, Israel Horovitz, Cliff Blake, MJ Halberstadt, Tyler Monroe, Jack Neary, Noah Tobin, David Valdes Greenwood, Debbie Wiess, Christopher Lockheardt, Elisabeth Burdick, Kirsten Greenidge, John Shea, Lindsay Soson, Donna Sorbello, Eleanor Burgess, Walt McGough, James McLindon,
Pete Riesenberg

Directed by:
Hatem Adell, Hondo Weiss-Richmond, Lindsay Eagle, Nick Hrutkay, Stephanie LeBolt, Tyler Monroe

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03/01/2015 20:00:00 06/01/2015 22:00:00 America/New_York Fourth Annual Boston One-Minute Play Festival The One-Minute Play Festival (1MPF), Boston Public Works, and Boston Playwrights’ Theatre (BPT) present THE 4TH ANNUAL BOSTON ONE-MINUTE PLAY FESTIVAL. The One-­Minute Play Festival (#1MPF) is a... Boston Playwrights' Theatre, Boston, MA 02215 false DD/MM/YYYY