Monday, Sep 25, 2017 8:00a -
Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017 5:00p

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
606 Congress Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

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$300.00 - 2895

Lectures & Conferences

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Biopharma companies must increasingly adopt creative dealmaking, new digital technologies and early cost effectiveness strategies, all while speeding up the RandD process. This requires a novel way of thinking about partnerships and pipeline strategies, from the highest levels of biopharma leadership.

The 2nd annual FierceBiotech Drug Development Forum will draw together the industry’s executive decision-makers, to help guide your companies to success throughout the entire life cycle – both for products and for companies themselves.

This event gives biopharma leaders the skills to improve their partnership strategies with larger companies, financing sources and outsourced research partners. Our experienced and savvy executive-level speaking faculty will help you
shape, select and pitch the best partnerships for drug development, while successfully navigating the financial and regulatory changes arising from a new administration.

Target your learning opportunities toward four full-length tracks:

• STRATEGIC DEAL-MAKING: Develop novel deal structures, improve VC relationships, assess the MandA landscape and cope with a weak IPO market

• CLINICAL RESEARCH OUTSOURCING and TECHNOLOGY: Ensure success in highly partnered business models and move quickly from preclinical to clinical development, by streamlining relationships with your CROs

• IMPROVING RandD OUTCOMES: Step up RandD productivity through better patient engagement and recruiting, while demonstrating differentiation and value for demanding payers and physicians

• DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY and REAL-WORLD EVIDENCE: Use wearables, biomarkers and other technologies to
accelerate clinical development and generate real-world evidence for the new health data ecosystem

Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/133325-1
Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/133325-2
Inquiries: https://go.evvnt.com/133325-3

Pharma/Biotech - Early Bird Rate: USD 1795
Pharma/Biotech - Standard Rate: USD 1995
Service Providers - Early Bird Rate: USD 2695
Service Providers - Standard Rate: USD 2895
Academic/Government - Early Bird Rate: USD 995
Academic/Government - Standard Rate: USD 1195
Pre-Conference Workshop - Morning Add on: USD 300.00
Pre-Conference Workshop - Afternoon Add On: USD 300.00

Speakers: P.K. Tandon, Kenneth Kaitin, David Sherris, Tehseen Salimi, Nancy Valente, Leslie Williams, Rick Gregory, Michael Aberman, Krishna Menon, Michael Bailey, Andrew Storey, Susan Washer, Sara Nochur, Neal Simon, NEAL FARBER, Casey Logan, Charles Theuer, Richard Brudnick, Manuel Litchman, Edward Kaye, Donald Bergstrom, Pablo Lapuerta, Jeremy Chadwick, Doug Treco, Greg Fiore, Jesse Cedarbaum, Steven Dickman, Matt Portch, Chandra Ramanathan, Cynthia Schwalm, Jodie Morrison, David Soergel, Roy Baynes, Denis Patrick, Jane Rhodes, Gail Cawkwell, Wiliam Korinek, Maria Vilenchik, David Brush, Keith Wilcoxen, Luba Greenwood, Carolyn Green, Steven Zelenkofske, Dr. Laurence Cooper, Laura K. Aguilar, Karen Gardner, John Lee, Stephen Brannan, Angus Grant, Stephen Isaacs, Amit Rakhit, Ramon Mohanlal, Martin Huber, Rob Scott, Scott Harris, Richard Murray, Christine Carberry, Mike Hale, Deborah Dunsire, MD, Kevin Bitterman, David Loynd, Justin Klee, Shakti Narayan, Elizabeth Lewis, Dana Hilt, Natalie Sacks, Jeremy Bender, Heather DiBenedetto, Dennis Ford, Bryon Wornson, Richard Anders, Isaac Kohane, Carl Berke, Steven Targum, MD, Maurizio Fava, John Hohneker, Lewis Bender, Andrew Young, Josh Cohen, Jessica Grossman, Michael Cola, Eva Jack, Timothy Lowinger, Michael Metzger, Mitchell Finer, Jeffrey Wiezorek, Lan Huang, Lindsay Rosenwald, Rosemary Reilly, Maria Fardis, Brian Gallagher

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