Wednesday, Jun 29, 2022 5:30p -

District Hall Boston
75 Northern Ave
Boston, MA 02210

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Learn how emotional intelligence can help you become a better entrepreneur and founder.

Welcome to Innovation Studio's Deep Dive Workshop at District Hall Boston.

Today, humans run all businesses, so learning more about the engine that drives every business is at the heart of a successful venture regardless of industry, funding, or market conditions.

Coming out of the pandemic is the prime time for entrepreneurs to learn more about emotional intelligence and how to use it to their greatest advantage in business. There have been examples of great success and epic failure in the last year and each have distinct elements of emotional intelligence with results falling on either side of the scale.

Author and Entrepreneur Elizabeth Miner will help you gain insight into the human engine running your business and you will have The Entrepreneur Advantage.

Meet Elizabeth Miner

Elizabeth is hell-bent on challenging the notion you are stuck where you are. She has spent her lifetime turning the obstacles and the experiences of her life into an established process to prove that you too can have the life of your dreams.

From taking a year of her retirement in her 30’s when she moved abroad to an island, to leaving the standard 9-5 at one of the most iconic companies in the world for a life on tropical beaches running her own business. Elizabeth is an unconventional success and the force you’ve been looking for to help you accomplish your goals and set you on the path to your dream life.

As an Executive Coach, Speaker, Author & Goal Achievement Specialist, Elizabeth works with both groups and individuals around the world creating pathways and developing actionable plans to make anything her clients dream a reality.

Elizabeth has worked with entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe for fifteen years. The observations and experiences are captured in her latest book, The Entrepreneur Advantage, in an effort to provide the next generation of entrepreneurs with the skill sets to change the statistics and build stronger businesses.

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About Innovation Studio

At Innovation Studio our mission is to make innovation, entrepreneurship and business ownership achievable through an empowering and inclusive network of free community spaces and result-oriented programs. We strive to be the home where aspiring individuals are encouraged to grow their ideas into successful businesses.

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