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Ipswich Ale Company
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Creating Your Own Athame Course

Apothecary Suil Crow

2 Saffon Lane, Ipswich MA (Ipswich Ale Company)

$100 per person - no refunds

An athame or athamé is a ceremonial blade, with a black handle. It is the main ritual implement or magical tool among several used in ceremonial magic traditions.

The right athame will direct your energy, cut through curses, and see you through many spells. Athames are powerful ritual tools in Wicca, witchcraft, and ceremonial magic. Athames are a symbol of authority, masculinity, and the fire element. It is a traditional ritual tool magical enhancement.

The ritual use of knives in magic is of ancient origin. Both the Key of Solomon and the Grimoire of Honorius mentioned knives to cast circles and invoke the directions.

These are used for casting a circle, calling the corners, drawing symbols in dirt or sand, mixing, scrying, charging, setting limits, and divination workings with Hag Stones or Pendulums.

During your course you will begin with our Athame knives that have a black handle which you will wrapped in real rabbit fur and power crystals. You will have your choice of specific stone options to then wrap in silver binding it for your magical workings.

Why rabbit fur?

Rabbit symbolism and meanings include sensitivity, gentleness, fertility/rebirth, haste, new beginnings, the moon, and good luck. In Celtic folklore, the rabbit is seen as a supernatural being from the Otherworld. It is believed to this day that it can shape-shift and have great power, harnessing this power will help you in your ritual needs.

Athame Information and supplies that will be available:

* Dark Athame Dagger with Sheath

* 11" overall

* 5 1/4" overall blade, ABS handle and sheath

* 440 stainless steel blade

* Rabbits Fur

* Selenite Power Crystals

* Skeletons from assorted magical creatures of nature provided to us by a Native American tribe in South Carolina passed on by natural conditions and blessed by healers

* Pentagram Charm

You will then make a cleansing pouch that will include Bay Leaves and herbs for cleansing along with your charging your Athame, and you will also receive your binding charge incantation that you will conduct on your own at home in the sanctuary of your 4 walls.

Stones available are

Amethyst: purification and connection to spiritual desires and divine beings.

Black Obsidian: prophecy, enlightenment, divination, protection and transformation

Red Jasper: endurance, grounding, nurturing energy and comfort.

Rose Quartz: healing stone, unconditional love, emits strong vibrations of love, supports emotional and relationship healing and inspires compassion.

You will choose your own Athame from three designs, they will be wrapped so you will choose by pleasing your hand over each one as the Athame will choose you.

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