Tuesday, May 21, 2019 5:30p -

Cambridge Innovation Center
1 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02142

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Solar offers an opportunity to increase cash flow on existing buildings without additional units or rent-raises. But what does a clear-headed analysis show? Can solar be cashflow positive? How can it pay if renters get all the electrical savings?

Thanks to the new SMART solar credit program, which replaces SREC auctions, solar panel systems can now be used to generate cashflow directly. And for landlords interested in revising their utility arrangements with renters, such systems can be monetized at market utility rates without assuming the liability of "utilities included."

SMART credit blocks are closing depending on the size of your intended system and location. This presentation will have relevance for Eversource and National Grid customers in Medford, Malden, Everett, Chelsea, Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, Boston, and many other places. (Belmont owners and others with a local municipal electric utility are regrettably not always included, check with our speaker before purchasing a ticket.)

*Part I: Solar Financial Overview, Incentives, and Cashflow Options
This part of the presentation will be given by Frank Urro of NRGTree. NRGTree is not a solar installer, they are a solar quoting company focusing on the financial aspect of solar and referrals to installers. They wanted us to know that no house is too small to diversify income streams to include some solar.

*Part II: Monetizing Solar in Rentals
This part of the presentation is MassLandlords repertoire and will be given by MassLandlords staff.

*Have you seen our Leave Stuff, Take Stuff Table?
Market your business, pick up handouts, give away an old doorknob. Everything goes on our first-come, first-served display table at all our events. Please bring business cards, brochures, coupons. And feel free to pick up your own uncollected marketing materials at the end. Everything not claimed end-of-night may be chucked.

*"No Sales Pitch" Guarantee
MassLandlords offers attendees of directly managed events a "No Sales Pitch" guarantee. If a guest speaker offers services, their presentation will not discuss pricing, promotions, or reasons why you should hire them. We do not permit speakers to pay for or sponsor events. Guest speakers are chosen for their expertise and willingness to present helpful educational content. Your purchase of an event ticket sustains our nonprofit model.

*Tuesday, May 21st Cambridge Meeting Agenda
-5:30pm Sign-in and Networking
Networking draws from Cambridge, Boston, Somerville, Arlington, Belmont, Watertown, and Malden.
-6:00pm Buffet Dinner
-6:40pm Executive Director Doug Quattrochi with the MassLandlords Business Update
Member Minutes - Any member can have the mic for 60 seconds (introduce yourself, ask a question, share words of wisdom, etc.)
-7:00pm Solar presentations and discussion
-8:30pm Networking
-9:00pm Doors close

Cambridge Innovation Center
1 Broadway (5th Floor)
Cambridge, MA 02142

Just $10 at Pilgrim Parking, enter after 4pm, a two-minute walk from One Broadway, click here for details. Be careful, some garages are $30. Accessible by T (red line Kendall Square) and highway. For additional parking options see CIC Directions.

Buffet, incl. salad and rolls
Water, sodas
*Dietary restrictions: purchase an early-bird ticket and email hello@masslandlords.net, we will accommodate you.

Open to the public. Membership is not required!

-Public: $24
-Members: $19
*Early-bird, reserve seven days prior by 12pm:
-Public: $22
-Members: $14

Nametags are printed for early-bird public, early-bird member, and premium members only.

*Extra Credit
-First time attendees: Join as a member before leaving the event, your public ticket will be credited toward membership.
-Members: Bring a first-time attendee who joins at the event, your membership will be extended by one month free. No limit.

Tickets at: MassLandlords.net/events

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