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Wellington Revere Beach Pkwy, Medford, MA 02155, USA
Wellington Revere Beach Pkwy
Medford, MA 02155

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Welcome to an amazing fall/winter day in the Whites where we will bag three 4000 footers in one traverse, namely Canon (4082ft), North Kinsman (4265ft) and South Kinsman (4331ft)! While North Kinsman is wooded the views from Canon and South Kinsman are great! Depending on when fall is this year, it might be another opportunity to see fall colors.

We will take the gut busting Kinsman Ridge trail up to Canon gaining 1500ft in about a mile to reach the summit of Canon, which wile crowded has awesome views. Staying on the Kinsman Ridge trail, we go over the Canon balls which will involve some going up and down on a scenic ridge to reach Kinsman pond. From there we will ascent the wooded summit of North Kinsman, lingering shortly at the ledge before the summit for some views. From there we will make a short 0.9 mile trip to South Kinsman for our last peak of the day. Here we will break for the views and some lunch. We will double back, the way we came until the junction that leads to Kinsman pond and then descend down the Fishin Jimmy trail to Lonesome lake. From there we will take the Hi-Canon trail down to the Lafayette campground which will complete the traverse.

Being a traverse it will require carspotting, a very short one of around 2.5miles each way. So that shouldn't be an issue.

Distance: 10.3miles

Elevation gain: 4252 ft.

Difficulty: Hard

NOTE: Do not make this your first hike in the Whites.

Please answer the questions below before joining:

1. What was your last hike? When was your last hike? List the distances/elevation gain if they're not well- known.

2. What is your weekly exercise routine like?

3. Is this your first hike in the White Mountains?

4. Do you have all of the required gear?

Gear: (Required)

* Hiking/trail running shoes - absolutely no sneakers (you will be turned away at the Medford parking lot!)

* 3 liters of water (refill at Madison Spring hut)

*Microspikes (high potential of ice on the top, it being mid Oct)

* Snacks and food

* Backpack to hold your stuff

* Non cotton layers

* Electrolytes

* Rain/Wind Gear

* Map of the hike (All trials link provided below)

Recommended Gear:

* Emergency supplies (first aid, knife, Ibuprofen, etc)

* Headlamps (recommended)

* Trekking poles (optional but recommended)

* Extra clothing in case you get wet (weather dependent)

All Trails maps: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/map/map-5c80985--37


This is NOT a beginner hike so you must be in good shape and have confidence in finishing the traverse. We will be keeping a 2mph pace throughout the hike and would try to hike as a group. However if you are slowing the group down (this includes myself too) i expect you to have the grace to turn back and wait at the trail head. You must have the supplies above or you will be turned away before leaving the carpool spot/trailhead. You are responsible for having a map of this hike; this is not a guided hike. You are joining like-minded enthusiasts and are responsible for your own safety and preparedness. Beyond that lets make this a memorable trip, with great weather and a nice dinner post. Happy hiking!

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