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Join us for AERONAUT's third virtual homebrew event, brought to you in collaboration with our friends at Zone 3 as part of their Zone 3 Skill Build workshop series!

Led by our brewmaster and two other brewers, this FREE (!) live streamed workshop will take you through brewing a pumpkin ale. Featuring a "choose your own adventure" recipe element for the pumpkin addition! Keep things simple with a pumpkin puree or learn how to roast or smoke a whole pumpkin at home.

Want to brew along with us? Awesome! Register for this event to receive the Zoom link for the event. We will send you the recipe beforehand and any other event-specific updates. The list of equipment and ingredients needed can be found below. All skill levels welcome!

Just curious about the event and perhaps looking to learn a bit? Also awesome! We'll also be live streaming this event on Aeronaut and Zone 3's Facebook pages so you'll be able to pop in at your leisure.

Purchase your ingredients (and any missing equipment pieces) at the Modern Homebrew Emporium and get 10% off your purchase when you mention this event. They are also offering local delivery. Visit them in person or call ahead to order delivery! If you don't own a best brewers kit, place your order with the shop before FRI 09/11 to guarantee availability.


-A large nylon/mesh bag to hold the grains and (mostly) the pumpkin during the steep.

- boil kettle (6.5gal)

- everything included in Best Brewers Kit (6.5gal primary fermenter, lid with grommet, econo-lock, secondary fermenter, carboy bung, 6.5gal bottling bucket, bottling spigot, 5' siphon hose w/ shut off clamp, combo bottle filler, fermtech auto-siphon, double lever capper, carboy brush, 24" plastic paddle, beer bottle brush, easy clean 4oz package, lab thermometer, triple scale hydrometer and a dual scale liquid crystal thermometer)


This will make a 5 gallon Pumpkin Ale batch:

-6.6 lbs (2 cans) Amber liquid malt extract

-1 lbs milled Caramunich malt

-4 oz milled pale chocolate malt (or chocolate - your beer will be a tad darker and a slightly more toasty/roasty)

-1.25 oz Tettnang hops (Saaz or Hallertau will also work. You might have to purchase two single oz hop packs)

-5 lbs sugar pumpkin and/or butternut squash puree - do not use premade pumpkin pie mix/filling. We will be sending out instructions on a variety of ways to prepare the puree ahead of time. Puree can be made anywhere from 1-3 days before brewing and stored in the fridge.

-Spices! Pumpkin beer is made mostly in the spice, so don't scrimp on cheap/low-quality spice. Think things like cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, clove, ginger, allspice... anything you think would go well in a pumpkin pie, really. You have the flexibility to experiment! For Matt's brew, he'll be using Saigon cinnamon, grated ginger and nutmeg, and eventually rounding out with a bit of vanilla near the end of primary fermentation. Penzey's Spices in Arlington is an EXCELLENT local shop for all your spicy needs.

-Yeast: 2 packs/vials of any of the following liquid yeasts (if unavailable, homebrew shop employees can advise):

Wyeast 1728 – Scottish Ale

Wyeast 1187 – Ringwood Ale

White Labs WLP002 – English Ale

White Labs WLP005 – British Ale

White Labs WLP565 or Wyeast 3724 if you want some Belgian funkiness to match the spices.

DRY YEAST (one packet): SafAle S-04 English, S-33 Specialty, or Lallemand Nottingham

EXTRAS: these aren't required, but if you're looking to "up your brew game" snag these things as well. They are inexpensive and sold in small amounts.

One pack each of: Whirlfloc tablets and Campden Tablets

Scale which can measure grams accurately

Gypsum and calcium chloride brewing salts

regular baking soda and epsom salt

Yeast nutrient, such as Fermax


We will hold a virtual follow up bottling event Saturday, October 10th at 12:30pm.

More info will be emailed out upon registry.

This virtual homebrew event is a part of Zone 3’s Skill Build workshop series. Build your skills with us as Zone 3 teams up with Boston-area restaurants, small businesses, and community leaders to share trade secrets! Follow Zone 3 on Instagram or visit their website for the full workshop lineup and latest partner updates.

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