Saturday, Jun 22, 2024 11:30a -

Harvard University: The Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center
1350 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

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theexploric Chris von Spitzer

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Discover the World of Creative Chess

...where the traditional game takes on a twist!

What exactly is Creative Chess?

It retains the core gameplay of traditional chess, but with alterations in elements like the number of players, the board design, or the rules, making each game a novel experience.

Each event will include at least four different chess set variants from the collection below:

The collection includes:

Beyond Chess (You move a piece and then a square!)

4-Player Chess!

Marvel Heroes Chess Set

Star Wars Chess Set!

Chess Plus! (Pieces can merge and move as either piece or can split back into their original pieces)

Loka Chess: Chess meets Dungeons and Dragons!

Chessaga Adventure Game: Over 8 chess variants, blending adventure video games and chess!

Eternal Kings: A fusion of Magic the Gathering and Chess!

Colour Chess (This one is color wild!)

Knightmare Chess: Another Magic the Gathering + Chess variant

Stealth Chess: Think Stratego + Chess!

Infinity Chess: Instead of a traditional square board, it’s a board in the shape of a an infinity symbol!

Space Chess: Multiple boards stacked in different levels

Lord of the Rings Chess

Peace Chess: Pieces can’t be captured..they dance with each other! To win: you have to dance with the king!

Dungeon Chess

Super Mario Chess

Chess 2

Batman Chess

Tile Chess: Think Dominoes + Chess

Royal Chess: Think Poker + Chess

Proteus Chess: Chess with Dice!

Variants for Knightmare Chess

Party Chess with eight players!

and more!

Why play creative chess?

-Enhances creative problem-solving skills

-Fosters open-mindedness

-Provides a concentration workout

-Encourages social interaction

-Teaches teamwork

-Be a part of a one-of-a-kind memory!

-Levels the playing field with more experienced players!

-And most importantly, It's FUN!

Never played Chess?

No worries! We love teaching new players. All skill levels are welcome. In fact, creative chess games can level the playing field!

We’ll meet every two weeks on Saturdays, with at least three new games in the spotlight each time.

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