Tuesday, May 02, 2017 7:30p -
Repeats weekly

Ultimate Tango @ Dance Union
16 Bow Street, Fl 2
Somerville, MA 02143

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You found the Tango. Or – what is more likely – Tango found you. That is exactly how it happens: when there is this special moment in your life, when you really ready, Tango will find you.

For us Tango is not just a dance. It’s a philosophy. You will not learn it by repeating followers steps and leaders steps and putting them both together at teacher’s count. Tango is about building the relationships, sharing feelings, developing sensitivity, creating sensuality, enjoying the music. And so much more.

We are very happy if you meet Tango through us. If you already encountered Tango elsewhere, but it brought you to us – we are extremely happy to. We welcome you at Ultimate Tango family.

Tango is a dance with no end. It’s a living body language. The more you know the better you can talk, the more you understand. Its hidden beauty will reveal itself to you little by little.

We hope you will enjoy taking your Tango journey with us.

If you only took few Tango classes or you just watched them the first step would be a BEGINNER COURSE.

Beginner course is meant for people who either never ever danced Tango or took few tango classes long time ago or took few tango lessons quite recently but are not sure what they know or if they are ready for next level.

It’s good to take this Beginner Tango course to put all your information in order. You gain the necessary vocabulary and learn all the basic movements to be able to easily follow the explanations at higher levels of Tango courses.

Beginner course is required to attend any higher level of tango classes offered at Ultimate Tango. We respect our students and we want to keep Ultimate Tango classes at high standards. Please respect our commitment to excellence. And make it your own.

In this class you will learn all tango basics necessary to progress further. The material is presented in very organized manner allowing progress from class to class. You are required to attend all 8 classes. If you joined when the class was in sessions you can take the required classes during the next cycle or catch up through private lessons.
The full course consists of 8 90-minutes classes.

No partner necessary and you can join at any time. Please inform the instructor that this is your first class and if you intend to take just one class or you trying for more.

This is what you will learn in Beginner course if you take the full series:
• Basics of Tango connection, lead and follow.
• Principles of Argentine Tango walk.

• Walking as a couple in close embrace.

• Parallel system.

• Open and cross step.
• Parallel walk outside partner left and right.

• Baldoza inside and outside partner (left and right).
• Changes of direction within baldoza.
• Basics of pivoting.

• Rotating baldoza.
• Basic to the cross.

• Rebound in 3 direction: forward, back and side.

• Rotating rebound.

• Musicality: time and double time.
• Phrasing. 

• Cadencia. Difference between Tango, Milonga and Vals.

• Floor craft: Basics of Tango navigation.
• Milonga: cabaceo, tanda, cortina, order of tandas.

DO NOT WAIT. Tango is awaiting you.


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