Saturday, Feb 23, 2019 9:00a -
Sunday, Feb 24, 2019 4:00p

Om Namo Center
21 Belmont St.
Cambridge, MA 01238

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$197 – $297

Meetup, Social Good

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This 2-day workshop will help you lay the foundation for parenthood from this moment on. If your little one isnt here yet, you are ahead of the ballgame. If you are parenting a tiny humna (or a few), now is the best time to start. The way you receive information, react to others, react to your child(ren), and allow thoughts or comments consume you ends now.

There is so much power in shifting the mindset you use when approahing our tiniest of humans. You must first understand the tiny human brain, and I do. But I can't know all the things about all the brains so I've called on my village to bring you the most essentail pieces of motherhood: community and collaboration by professionals and parents. The speakers are bringing mind-blowing stats and various perspectives to the table. The goal is that you leave knowing your options. When it comes to motherhood, everyone's recipe is different. I'm giving you what you need to make your "dish of life." All you have to do is make the decision that you are worth the investment.

This retreat is not to teach you how to find balance, but rather how to balance what you’ve already got. Everyone’s story is different which means everyone’s family, kids, partner, job, and mental health all look different just to name a few. Everyone's journey will look different, but you will never be alone.

If you stop and think about it, no one can tell you how to find balance in your own life, they don’t live your life. At the Balancing Motherhood retreat, you will learn how to radically shift your mindset to make space for a little change. This weekend will be enough to send overhaul the energy you use to approach motherhood. Whether you are a first time still growing your tiny human or you have three tiny tots running around the kitchen as we speak, this retreat will be that push you need to take control and own your motherhood.

You are the best mom for your kids. No one can mom your kids better than you...except you. You can always grow and learn as a mom. Part of this is learning how to invest in yourself and your mental health with rejuvenation and relaxation.

Join our circle of moms who are also seeking balance in their own life and their own way. For two days, immerse yourself in an unbreakable bonding experience of mothers sharing the struggles of stares at the playground to the mom shaming on social media to the glares you get for feeding your baby--boob or bottle! From finding your voice and communicating that to people in your life to telling Snoody Susan's to "back off" (.. in the nicest way possible, of course), we will dive into navigating thoes sticky and sometimes downright hard converstaions.

Happy Retreating!


Day 1- Expectant Parents

Pushing workshop, Pain Relief and Birth Comfort Measures, Prepping for The Fourth Trimester, Motherhood Panel, Yoga, Mom's Social Hour

Day 2- Mother's of Young Children (10 years old and younger)

Gut Health, Finding Balance in Motherhood, Mindset & Motherhood, Yoga, Mom's Social Hour

Come spend the weekend of February 23 & 24th replenishing yourself and learning how you can better support your body, your mind, and your children. Welcome home, mama.

You can find out about the speakers here. Space in limited. Join in on the conversation and keep up with the latest happenings of the retreat by visiting our Facebook (Tranquility by HeHe Maternity Concierge) or Instagram page (@tranquilitybyhehe).

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