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99 things to do this weekend including Halloween parties, Day of the Dead festivals, late night at the MFA, and lots more. Don't forget to enjoy 50% off a ride up to $10 to the Lawn on D's Pumpkin Palooza, courtesy of Lyft and The Boston Calendar. Redeem your discount via this link.

1) Lawn on D Pumpkin Palooza http://bit.ly/---d3x
2) Dia de los Muertos @ Taza http://bit.ly/---r6e
3) MFA Late Nites http://bit.ly/---d3r
4) Dumpling Making 101 http://bit.ly/---j4y
5) SoWa Spooktacular http://bit.ly/---d6c
6) Halloween Horror Marathon http://bit.ly/---e3y
7) CBC Great Pumpkin Fest http://bit.ly/---5pw
8) Nightmare at Bow Market http://bit.ly/---h5r
9) Pru Boo http://bit.ly/---nrn
10) Boston Costume Dash http://bit.ly/---8th
11) Asian American Film Fest http://bit.ly/---3ry
12) BU Physics Pumpkin Drop http://bit.ly/---y3j
13) Aeronaut Boos n' Brews http://bit.ly/---j7g
14) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/---dtc
15) Boston Architecture Cruise http://bit.ly/---wjd
16) Halloween Pet Parade http://bit.ly/---3fc
17) Seaport Howl-o-ween http://bit.ly/---t4j
18) Halloween Buzz Market http://bit.ly/---u8d
19) International Fine Art Show http://bit.ly/---g6g
20) Mattapan Open Studios http://bit.ly/---r2w
21) Haunted Houses http://bit.ly/---5hg
22) Fall Foliage Spots http://bit.ly/---y6g
23) Fall Foliage Brunch Cruise http://bit.ly/---sdj
24) Fall Foliage Lunch Cruise http://bit.ly/---ysg
25) Fall Foliage River Cruise http://bit.ly/---pnr
26) Boston Harbor Sunset Cruise http://bit.ly/---p4d
27) Preservation Hall Jazz Band http://bit.ly/--5wu
28) Steely Dan @ the Orpheum http://bit.ly/---s2j
29) 'King Lear' http://bit.ly/---q2j
30) The SpongeBob Musical http://bit.ly/---5yx
31) Speakeasy Stage: ‘Admissions’ http://bit.ly/---d9j
32) Collection of Horrors by Poe http://bit.ly/---d2u
33) Urbanity Dance: FACTS http://bit.ly/---4yr
34) Essex Clamfest http://bit.ly/---p7i
35) ATK Boston EATS http://bit.ly/---7fn
36) Trader Joe's Seaport Opening http://bit.ly/---f3e
37) Halloween Drag Brunch http://bit.ly/---j8j
38) ‘The Great God Pan’ http://bit.ly/---q6d
39) Laugh Track http://bit.ly/---g2h
40) Boda Borg Zombie Hunt http://bit.ly/---5yj
41) Pumpkin Pageant http://bit.ly/---7ej
42) Fall Fenway Friday http://bit.ly/---d2w
43) Day of the Dead @ the Liberty http://bit.ly/---k8v
44) BSSC Halloween Party http://bit.ly/---g7r
45) Dog Costume Contest http://bit.ly/---h4f
46) Stranger Things Murder Mystery http://bit.ly/---6sv
47) Latin Halloween Masquerade http://bit.ly/---y5i
48) Boston Costume Crawl http://bit.ly/---j4v
49) Castle Island Halloween http://bit.ly/---d5y
50) Fenway Fright Night http://bit.ly/---g5c
51) Halloween Boat Cruise http://bit.ly/---c8d
52) Ghostbusters + Beetlejuice http://bit.ly/---o7e
53) Storm Area 51 Halloween http://bit.ly/---j5b
54) BYPA Halloween Bash http://bit.ly/---m6j
55) Nelly at Mémoire http://bit.ly/---nsk
56) Devil's Carnival http://bit.ly/---h5v
57) Soulelujah at the Sinclair http://bit.ly/---j9n
58) Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal http://bit.ly/---d7r
59) Arboretum Fall Photo Tour http://bit.ly/---6ks
60) Tipsy Chocolate Tour http://bit.ly/---h2u
61) Astronomy After Hours http://bit.ly/---7rj
62) SMC Open House http://bit.ly/---e4t
63) Harbor[walk] http://bit.ly/---q6n
64) ZombedyCazi http://bit.ly/---u8c
65) Polish Club Halloween http://bit.ly/---d5c
66) Crypt Tours at King's Chapel http://bit.ly/---u5e
67) Harry Potter Trivia http://bit.ly/---n2w
68) DOTD @ 13FOREST http://bit.ly/---tdb
69) Dance for Dignity http://bit.ly/---w2f
70) Rockin’ for Janie Benefit http://bit.ly/---3qr
71) ‘Endless Dread’ Podcast http://bit.ly/---w6r
72) Fabulous Fungus Fair http://bit.ly/---7uv
73) Yoga @ Remnant Brewing http://bit.ly/---f4m
74) Taproom Yoga at Backlash http://bit.ly/---u3c
75) Saturday Beach Yoga http://bit.ly/---j2q
76) Yoga in the Gallery http://bit.ly/---f4c
77) Fit in The Fenway Yoga http://bit.ly/---7sj
78) Run Club at The Anchor http://bit.ly/---u3s
79) JP Parkrun http://bit.ly/---y7w
80) Kickboxing Workout http://bit.ly/---o8v
81) The Gas Comedy http://bit.ly/---y6j
82) SMC Comedy Benefit http://bit.ly/---6du
83) Zoo Howl at Franklin Park http://bit.ly/---g7t
84) Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka http://bit.ly/---q6j
85) Spooky Stories for Kids http://bit.ly/---p8n
86) ATK Cheers to 20 Years http://bit.ly/---d5w
87) ‘Booksmart’ http://bit.ly/---o5j
88) 48in48 Boston http://bit.ly/---r2j
89) 90+ Cellars Taste + Tailgate http://bit.ly/---7jy
90) CulturePalooza http://bit.ly/---t5s
91) Pink Martini at Berklee http://bit.ly/---7kj
92) Eden Espinosa Benefit Concert http://bit.ly/---4wk
93) Masataka Yamamoto http://bit.ly/---g4w
94) Good Bands on Sundays http://bit.ly/---f5n
95) Music of Phish For Kids http://bit.ly/---5wh
96) Wayne Potash Halloween Party http://bit.ly/---n8e
97) Armory Haunted Halloween http://bit.ly/---h7u
98) Bar Social Halloween http://bit.ly/---f5h
99) Lobster Feast Master Class http://bit.ly/---f9j

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2W71Th0

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: http://bit.ly/3Y71KrC

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