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Boston +
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Keep your calendar (and wallet) full with our picks for 98 FREE things to do around Boston this week:

1) Boston GreenFest (Fr-Su) http://bit.ly/---t3h
2) North End Feast (Th-Su) http://bit.ly/---fdh
3) Quincy August Moon Fest (Su) http://bit.ly/---b8h
4) Boston Fermentation Fest (Su) http://bit.ly/---x5q
5) MFA Sunset Cinema: ‘2001’ (Th) http://bit.ly/---z4y
6) CX Summer Nights (Th) http://bit.ly/---5hp
7) Lighthouse Cruise (Tu) http://bit.ly/---3fl
8) Bluebikes Spin Class (Tu) http://bit.ly/---3bh
9) India Day Festival (Sa) http://bit.ly/---p7s
10) Free Fun Friday (Fr) http://bit.ly/---x3q
11) Coolidge at the Greenway (Tu) http://bit.ly/---f3h
12) Mayor Walsh Movie Night (Mo) http://bit.ly/---4ug
13) Harvard Sq Movie Night (Th) http://bit.ly/---q5e
14) ‘A Star is Born’ @ Fan. Hall (Th) http://bit.ly/---a6f
15) Eataly Block Party (Th) http://bit.ly/---s6v
16) ICA Free Thursdays (Th) http://bit.ly/---4bc
17) Pay-what-you-can MFA (We) http://bit.ly/---7xf
18) E-Som Market (Tu) http://bit.ly/---3jb
19) Weakened Friends (Fr) http://bit.ly/---5uv
20) Salem Jazz and Soul Fest (Sa) http://bit.ly/---6kv
21) Coaster Design Class (Mo) http://bit.ly/---5bu
22) Boozy Ice Cream Bash (Sa) http://bit.ly/---y6n
23) Oyster + Beer Tasting (Th) http://bit.ly/---8sw
24) Free Shakespeare (We-Su) http://bit.ly/---3gd
25) ICA Harborwalk Sounds (Th) http://bit.ly/---z6h
26) Gloucester Waterfront Fest (Sa) http://bit.ly/---x7k
27) Waterworks Waterfest (Sa) http://bit.ly/---2ah
28) SoWa Open Market (Su) http://bit.ly/---v6f
29) Hatch Shell Flicks (Fr) http://bit.ly/---w4e
30) Movies by Moonlight (Fr) http://bit.ly/---2rh
31) Cambridge Crossing Movie (Tu) http://bit.ly/---3qy
32) Movie + Wine Night (We) http://bit.ly/---a7t
33) Revere Theater Thursdays (Th) http://bit.ly/---5rg
34) Prudential Family Films (Sa) http://bit.ly/---q3b
35) Assembly Row Movie (Sa) http://bit.ly/---g5j
36) Columbus Park Movie (Su) http://bit.ly/---a3g
37) Get Your Fan On (Sa) http://bit.ly/---4sd
38) HIIT on the Greenway (Mo) http://bit.ly/---2gn
39) RiverFit Zumba (Tu) http://bit.ly/---c7d
40) November Project (We) http://bit.ly/---6cc
41) Lynx on the Rooftop (We) http://bit.ly/---8wa
42) FIT on the Garden (We) http://bit.ly/---6sn
43) Yoga @ Assembly Row (Sa) http://bit.ly/---3dg
44) Castle Island Yoga (Sa) http://bit.ly/---2gv
45) Franklin Park Yoga (Sa) http://bit.ly/---d9u
46) Old Ironsides Yoga (We) http://bit.ly/---5qn
47) Winthrop Sq Yoga (Su) http://bit.ly/---4sh
48) Sunset Yoga (Th) http://bit.ly/---z7f
49) CambridgeSide Fitness (We) http://bit.ly/---z7n
50) Seaport OpenGym (Th) http://bit.ly/---4hs
51) Salsa in the Park (Mo) http://bit.ly/---9ph
52) CX Fitness (Su) http://bit.ly/---d8n
53) BOS Calling Block Party (Th) http://bit.ly/---s1h
54) Western Swing Wed. (We) http://bit.ly/---5mn
55) Landmarks Orchestra (We) http://bit.ly/---3hf
56) Regattabar Free Series (Mo) http://bit.ly/---7db
57) Kendall Sq Concert (Tu) http://bit.ly/---3nk
58) Concert under the Moon (Sa) http://bit.ly/---9ce
59) City Square Concert (We) http://bit.ly/---a7g
60) Harvard Summer Concert (Fr) http://bit.ly/---s1a
61) Hyde Park Concert (Th) http://bit.ly/---b7e
62) BPL Courtyard Concert (We) http://bit.ly/---x4r
63) Franklin Park Playhouse (Tu) http://bit.ly/---7dh
64) Passim Summer Concert (Th) http://bit.ly/---7sb
65) Atlantic Wharf Concert (Th) http://bit.ly/---s4h
66) All You Got Tour (Th) http://bit.ly/---6ab
67) Latin Music Series (Th) http://bit.ly/---2ae
68) Stranger Sounds (Sa) http://bit.ly/---4sm
69) Off the Record (Fr) http://bit.ly/---v4r
70) Herter Amp Open Mic (Fr) http://bit.ly/---d3w
71) #MattapanLove (Su) http://bit.ly/---s6j
72) Patio Pig Roast Luau (Sa) http://bit.ly/---prj
73) Post-Meridian Players (Fr) http://bit.ly/---d6f
74) Astronomy After Hours (Fr) http://bit.ly/---x7b
75) Summer Dance Series (We) http://bit.ly/---4wl
76) ‘Sherlock, Jr.’ @ VOX POP (Th) http://bit.ly/---6do
77) Style Revival (Su) http://bit.ly/---h2s
78) Rock the Boat (Su) http://bit.ly/---g5n
79) Family Hike (Su) http://bit.ly/---z3m
80) Pups & Pints (Su) http://bit.ly/---dot
81) Augment by Nick Cave (Mo-Su) http://bit.ly/---7yh
82) Cityside Comedy (Mo) http://bit.ly/---8xg
83) Stavros Halkias (Fr) http://bit.ly/---x6j
84) Afro-Indigenous Arts Fest (Sa) http://bit.ly/---g5h
85) McGreevy's Free Comedy (Mo) http://bit.ly/---9dn
86) Blues Barge Thursday (Th) http://bit.ly/---x6f
87) Michelle Willson (Sa) http://bit.ly/---d5n
88) Truxton Mile (Sa) http://bit.ly/---x5j
89) FAQs Pop-up Shop (Sa) http://bit.ly/---h5g
90) Youth Film Fest (Th) http://bit.ly/---q7v
91) Jazz Night @ Aeronaut (Th) http://bit.ly/---d6m
92) Oyster Shucking Lessons (Sa) http://bit.ly/---4sx
93) 30 Rock Trivia (Mo) http://bit.ly/---6dj
94) Mass Innovation Night (Tu) http://bit.ly/---4qk
95) Melnea Cass Clean-Up (Sa) http://bit.ly/---d9k
96) Outdoor Fitness Classes (Mo-Fr) ​http://bit.ly/---5j6
97) Outdoor Concerts (Mo-Fr) http://bit.ly/---4if
98) Outdoor Movies (Tu-Fr) http://bit.ly/---4iz

All free events this week: http://bit.ly/2yTY2ci

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2YVi1lG

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